Pop Culture Magic Tools!

FINALLY! lol, sorry I’m excited! Why is Lala excited you might be wondering, (Ok, even if you’re not just play along and pretend that you really are.) See, we’ve got a contact us page here on PUTA for readers to share stories, links, tip us off to fluffy goings on, etc. Well, one of our readers finally did! I’m all WOOO HOOO and shit!

So, I think it’s a particularly darling little piece of fluffy-dom that our reader has tipped us off to. I’m not going to name them, of course if they want to take credit in the blog comments, then it’s all good. But, I’ve got a screenie for you, that is just so… epicly hilarious, that it MUST be shared.

LOL! Now, I’m not going to give you all a link to where you can find this. I’m protecting the innocent, first time offender at this time. I’m sure you’re all scratching your heads and wondering, WHY? I’ll explain my reason. Yes, the poster of this question is a fluff ball, and clearly lacks basic reading comprehension skills as I can see that people did respond and try to explain the downfall of using these items.

See took what they said, twisted it up and interpreted it as, “So what you’re saying is, it’s ok to do this if it’s what feels right to me, right?”  When it’s clear, that’s not what was said. But, she’s gotta deal with it, figure it out for herself.

Now, after saying all this. I’m going to go with my spin on this, I think it’s a FANTASTIC Idea! Of course, I’ll explain my reasoning behind this. I’m not someone who thinks that you need all these different tools and special items, I think it’s all about the intent and the focus and what is going to work for me, isn’t going to work for everyone, I’d prefer to use as few ‘Props’ as possible. Because really, Noon would call them ‘Bricks’ but, I’m me, I’m looking at them as stage props that one uses to get into the right frame of mind.

Being that I’m an asshole, I think it would be fucking hilarious to go work in a circle with a bunch of high n mighty pagans, who think their shit smells of roses, and pull out my Harry Potter Wand. Use the Garfield Cup as the ritual Chalice, and ya know, I think I’ll go ahead and invest in an outfit straight out of the Craft for this whole shindig. LOL! But, see, I’m the sarcastic bitch who this would work for, and can you imagine the kind of energy that pissing off an entire group in a ritual setting?

While it wouldn’t do much good for their cause, it would be a magnificent high for me… Yeah, I’m definitely infected by some Discord and Chaos. I think it would be fun, and I’m sure I can find at least two witches who would come with and participate. hehehe… Oh, the ideas that this thread gave me.

So, dear readers, please tell me, what are your thoughts on this one?

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