Oh Look! Another Group!

Oh, I certainly just LOVE when the PaganMystics profile on FB gets added to groups without permission. Ok, I really don’t but, I suppose that since we’re in the middle of a fluff draught, it’s a good thing, because it gives me something to blog about. We know it’s always good to share.

What I’d like to share today, is the group description of the newest group of flufftards to hit FB.

I set this group because I am fed up with you Christians pointing fingers at us , threatening us for something we believe in. To be honest we have nothing against GOD but we don’t like the fan club that twists things into ways and trying to tell us what we have to believe in .

Christians are most welcomed to learn from us we are willing to learn from you. I know some people that believe in God but have learned to understand us as we stand with our point of view on beliefs. And I know some of you die hard Christians will be pissed off and to be honest I don’t give a fuck here’s 25 cents or I will even let you borrow my cell phone to call someone who gives a damn.

We carry and wear our pentacles proud we are witches and we are PAGAN/ WICCAN proud! Just like you we have right to be who we are and we will be what we want to be.

OH yeah one more thing to you die hard Christians do you know actually what you are doing when you threaten other for their beliefs which your bible forbids you to do ? here is the definition to it

Definition of TERRORISM

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

So suck it up your not breaking our will and our belief

Under GOD ! and what that god meant was free will of practicing religion and practices thats what america was built on

LOL! Oh, Good times, I think I’ll lurk awhile!

They’re Taking Fluffy Back!

Looks like we’re going to see a new trend popping up, Looks like there is a movement among the fluffier side of the pagan community, and what they want to do… well, hilariously enough, they want to ‘Reclaim’ Fluffy. They’re the Proud, The Brave, The Fluffy. No longer do they want to avoid the name, or do something to change the willfull ignorance, they want to embrace the term, and revel in it. Ok, really they’ve always wanted to revel in it, I just had some hope that they’d learn, one fluff at a time that it’s not ok to stay fluffy.. Oh well… More people to make fun of for me.

Random Fluff: Fluffy Bunny – I tried to reclaim the term. After being attacked by some really negative people. People who denigrated The Rede and one individual who stated he enjoyed killing and that you should “relish the death of some one you wish ill.”

If he thinks I’m a Fluffy Bunny? Then I am proud to be one in his eyes. However as a whole the Wicca and Pagan community will not use the term in any positive light.

Flufftastic Responses to the Movement:

  • Okay this is new to me… Maybe this is what we referred to back in the 90s as cyber witches… That was a negative term as well… I’ve come along way since those days and have actually enjoyed the people I’ve met online (mostly), if I’m mistaken please inform me if not.. Tell these that belittle you to piss off!
  • People who say they “enjoy killing” are full of crap J ūüôā ¬†Been there, done it… Don’t wish to go there again. ¬†¬†Just ignore them, they aren’t worth the time you give them.
  • ¬†I think Cyber witches could be a similar put down. But dang. The huge community on fb alone!?! How can that be a bad thing?¬†I did finally break ties with them completely, M. It’s been months since anyone mentioned their character assassinations to me. I know I’m a lot happier. A recent communication about another group indicates they are still miserable despite this bunny hopping down the road.
  • ¬†HAIL ALL FLUFFY BUNNIES….WE ARE UNITED….LOL had to say that. ANYHOW, you did the right thing and they will drown in their own bile. (Hopefully slowly and painfully)…did I say that aloud? LOL
  • ¬†Well this ex-soldier is more “fluffy” than he used to be now, and i’m happy i am too. Send them to call me it to my face and see the response ūüėõ
  • I can still manage a damn good beating if need be. My Gods allow for it. lol
  • So it is the same… Then I guess I’m a 5’11” 260 lbs Colorado Bunny… Every damn day I’m something new…. Think I’ll give the Christians another go…. Exorcism Demon Bunnyman, has a cool ring…
  • ¬†Well I wouldnt term myself a fluffy bunny, but then Id never call anyone else one either, how rude! Dont take on board their statements they simply come from a place of ignorance…..
  • ¬†I’ve heard different definitions of “fluffy bunny”. One definition was someone who is very “new agey” and “hippie-like”. If that’s the true meaning then I’m guilty as charged. Another definition I’ve heard was if someone believes that they can levitate or make fire come out of their hands or something off the wall….well, I guess I’m kind of guilty of that too because I’ve always believed that ANYTHING is possible. I mean I’ve never seen anything like that, nor tried, but….hey….if you have and seen results, good on ya! Then I’ve heard another definition that if you are submissive to those who over power you, then you’re a fluffy bunny. I sure as hell am not submissive. So, I guess 2 out of three of these definitions suggests that I’m a fluffy bunny! ¬† ¬†NAMASTE MY FELLOW FLUFFY BUNNIES!¬∑ 60,953 people like this

I find the fact that 60,953 people like that statement to be confusing, horrifying and the slightest bit odd, mostly because there are only 112 people in this group.

My Karma got my Dogma run over

Oh, the Carp about Karma that pops up on a daily basis is enough to make you want to vomit. Some of it is so preposterous and off the wall that you sit and stare at the screen blankly, trying to wrap you head around the sheer stupidity of the statement. Karma is not some unforeseen cosmic source of retribution, when will people stop blaming everything that goes wrong in their lives on Karma?

Now, I ran across this in a group.


Random Pagan: “well karma has got me for hitting the squirrel. my dog mia got run over this afternoon.”


Thankfully I was able to turn in the other direction and run before I pointed and laughed, because the universe doesn’t need more proof of how much of a bitch I actually am.

Now, here’s something that happened in my group the other day. A group member posted this question:

“would like to know your thoughts on the rules of three law or lore???”

Of course we had quite a few responses to the topic, here’s where Karma comes in, cause you know that Bitch just couldn’t stand to miss the party.


DT:¬†¬†I understand what your question was…you wanted to know if the three-fold law was fact or fiction. I have been a practicing Pagan for many years and I do not believe that I would call it a law. I have seen Karma at its best and at its worst. I believe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Call it Karma or call it Fate…by what ever name you call it, believe me when I say, what ever you do…good or bad…will get back to you in some fashion.


Now, the ick ants are literally crawling all over my skin, this isn’t the only topic that Karma has been pulled into, I’m feeling rather bitch-tastic so, I finally blow up just a bit in thread.


Lala: Take Personal Responsibility and quit blaming shit on the Rule of Three and Karma.


DT:¬†¬†‚Äé@Lala That is kind of what I was trying to say. No matter what you do in life, not just in magick, it will come back to you. I wasn’t actually blaming anything. I was simply saying that whatever you call something it will not change the fact that what goes around comes around.

WTF? I think I’m seeing red at this point. Is she implying that she just said what I did? Is she being condescending in tone to me because I didn’t shut up and take notice of her little mini, I’ve seen it all in paganism statement? Not sure, I think it’s the blatant misrepresentation of what her words were inferring.


Lala: ¬†No, obviously you weren’t saying what I said.

Lala: Take Responsibility for your own actions. Also, As BB said, Shit happens. Shit has always happened and Will Always happen, has ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY NOTHING to do with the Rule of Three, Karma or what goes around comes around


Now it seems I’ve broken the chew toy, because she runs screaming from the discussion, deleting her topics as she goes, and then leaves the group. I can only imagine that it was the sight of the brain matter that had landed on her when my brain so unceremoniously exploded in that thread.

I’m sorry, I’ll call Carp Carp, and don’t fucking tell me that what you said was exactly what I just said, that doesn’t work very well over on mystics, also, pull your head out of your ass.


Games and Mirrors

Things seem to be picking up on our group, though as the activity increases the fluff are coming out of the woodwork. Maybe it’s because the group is new and they don’t remember that we have some active people who are very Anti Fluff. Whatever the case may be, I woke up to quite an interesting/off the wall post.


MC: OK I used to play this game for fun at first, with my ex when we were dating in high school, but when I think back on it, there were warning signs that we should have never been together. The game is to sit with the person you are in love with face to face with your legs crossed and place hands together,close your eyes, clear your minds and concentrate on each other. A door should appear in each of your minds, if the door is open then you belong together, but if it is closed then you do not. Try it….

MC:  the door represent your heart, the feelings you have for each other. If the door is open you are letting them in and your feelings are real, but if the door is closed, you are not being open and you are hiding your real feelings..

MC:¬†¬†Yes that is what I meant, by the lovers holding hands, their energies are connected and then when you are centered mentally, the door appears to show you if they are being open and honest with their feelings.. Back then in high school we started out just using each other, so the doors for both of us were closed, but then I screwed up by ignoring it and I fell in love with him, and I was the only one that got hurt emotionally and was left to raise a child on my own…


Now, I’m sorry. I think this sounds more like a game that teenagers experiencing puppy love will be more prone to do. Especially when you take into consideration that she’s actually already mentioned that this is when she and her boyfriend started ‘playing’ this ‘game.’

What I find hard to believe, is that ‘MC’ is now a grown up, suggesting that others in the group who are also grownups should actually go and play this game. Because, we all know that grownups have all the time in the world to play games, especially ones that deal with their personal love lives. Yeah… uh huh..


Now, this discussion ends up fizzling of it’s own accord. Most people in the group have decided that ‘MC’ is a bit daffy, though the majority of them are too nice to really point that out.


Now, ¬†let’s FF (Fast Forward) to this evening, when Daffy Dingleberry ‘MC’ decided to post yet another off the wall topic, and show everyone just how nutty she really is. ¬†Unfortunately, I was unable to get a chance to copy and paste the details to this particular topic.

‘MC’ posts a discussion about mirrors, wanting to know if anyone else has encountered anything scary or off the wall that had to do with mirrors. You see, ‘MC’ feels that she saw an entity in a mirror when she woke up in the middle of the night. The entity smiles at her, she screams and leaps from the bed, and the entity vanishes.

When others in the group suggest overactive imagination, the possibility of too much influence from the media and movies, etc. ‘MC’ decides to inform us that not only is she SURE that she did not imagine the entity, but that she’s certain that the entity was in fact a succubus.

I’m not going to debate on the subject on if I think that succubi/incubi are real right now, only mention that another member actually explained to her the difference b/t succubi/incubi and that she doubted that was what ‘MC’ had actually seen in the mirror, given the information on succubi.

Now, you would think that this wild ride that we’ve been taking without the company of Mr Toad would be over by now, nope sorry. See every time it seems like people are becoming disinterested or wandering away from the conversation, good ‘ol ‘MC’ comes back to share a little more information. See, someone made the mistake of jokingly suggesting that they’d hoped she’d gotten rid of the mirror, hoping that she hadn’t broken it in the process.

No, now we find out that she’d broken another mirror at the age of 7 and because of breaking that mirror, she’d been cursed for 14 years. A curse so terrible that the unspeakable happened. Her fish died, her sisters hamster died, the cat died, her sister had been abusive, she’d almost been molested when she was 10 and she’d married a man who was physically abusive to her. (All because she broke a mirror when she was 7.)

Fish and Hamsters are considered to be disposable pets. They typically don’t last long. Cat’s live up to 14 years, (we don’t know how old the cat was when the mirror was broken.) Siblings are commonly abusive to one another. I can go get mine and she’ll tell you how she used to torture me. Near abuse at 10, while scary is certainly not something that is uncommon. It’s a shame, but it’s also the truth, and if I did the math right, getting married at around age 21 generally means that you were more than likely too young to be married, and again abusive relationships are also not that uncommon.

When members of the group tried to present her with facts, etc. Even agree and say, yeah, you’ve had some fucked up shit happen to you, but we don’t think it’s because you broke a mirror, MC huffed, and she puffed and she blew all her responses down. MC deleted the ENTIRE thread, took her ball and went home. Why?

I think because being able to BLAME everything that had been the least bit traumatic in her life on a broken mirror is more comforting than accepting that SHIT Happens, to EVERYONE. Yeah shit sucks, but it happens. I’m kinda sorry to see this one go, yeah she was nuts and yeah she was a fluff, but she needed some reality. I hope that somewhere along the way, someone is going to realize that, and take her by the hand, and drag her over to mental health.


Welcome to Fluffy Friday!

The concept of FluffyFriday was suggested to me by the Great and Powerful Oz. Don’t believe me? Ok, Fern gave me the idea. I and wanted to do it on Twitter, problem is, if you tweet this nonsense, people think you’re the nut job that came up with it. Now, I’m fine with being considered a nut job, but not a fluffy one. Unacceptable says I!

So, Fluffy Friday will just be a list of mostly random stuff that I came across in various places. A quick highlight of wtf moments that didn’t really need to be added to a full blog post.

Let’s start of with the Carp about Karma I came across this week.

  • Karma results from the intent of our actions. Rule of 3=the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother,Crone3 times the power, our soul, spirit, body.
  • Karma is like your own personal hit man. If somebody wrongs you, it will hunt them down and make sure they get what they deserve.

Interesting Spam and Advertisements

  • Magick Power¬†:¬†How to Quickly and Easily develop the ability to wield total control, influence and power over everything in your life without having to study & Practice any occult system for years, nor perform any ritual & worship any entity! ¬†(lmfao, $997 but if you act now, you can learn this for $199)
  • Add for Wicca Shoes On Twitter. Sorry don’t have a link for you, but I did giggle and joke about it for most of the day yesterday

Sorta Fluffy But it’s for Kids

  • Iseum of BunniHo Tep¬† Somewhat pagan-esque stories for children, ok cool. Turning a Bunny into a lost Kemetic Goddess, not as cool. Why not just teach the short people about the actual mythology?

Random Nonsense Twitter

  • Wicca Spirituality¬†¬†Sometimes I remember so clearly another planet/plane of existence, & how insane this world seems in comparison: What do you mean, I can’t telepathically communicate but have to use faulty word/body signals? I have to EAT to survive?– that turns mere existence into struggle and violence! How can any planet function like this??

That’s it for me today. More to come next week, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Fluffy Fridays and other Twitter Related News

Yesterday, it was suggested that I be put in charge of #FluffyFridays. Sure I know it was probably a joke, but I’m actually considering the possibility of following through with it. I do think it would be fun, and I’m sure I can find a few fluff-isms on Twitter.

The Problem is, I’m not sure how I want to go about doing it. Do I want to post the fluffy statement anonymously, or do I want to do more of an old school retweet with it and add the tag at the end? Something for me to think about, also if I’m going to undertake the project, I’d like to be sure that I can actually follow through and deliver the fluff.


Oh, and here’s a snippet that I found on the help/TOS from Twitter. So, I think I’ll be fine if I do decide to retweet.

Reporting Abusive Behavior
Offensive Content

Everyone has different levels of sensitivity towards content. What may be shocking to one may be fine or acceptable to another. Twitter does not pre-screen content and we do not remove potentially offensive content.
If there is something that you don’t agree with, or find insulting, it’s best to not look at it at all. Please see above for tools you have to block offensive users from your Twitter timeline.

It’s been suggested that I start doing a Fluffy Fridays/etc days of the week thing on Twitter. Anyone have any suggestions on the matter?

WOuld you follow and are you interested?

He has the Sixth Sense

I’m starting to wonder if the people I run across are way too influenced by what they’re seeing on TV, in movies and what you can find in some fictional books, or if they’re really just spreading bullshit in an attempt to feel special. I wanted to say that they’re watching too much tv, or reading too much, but then, reading is a GOOD thing that far too many people no longer do.

The issue is, popular fiction, Llewellyn and Television paint this really interesting picture where all the witches/pagans can make themselves beautiful, powerful and Oh So Interesting! I can understand the need for attention, friends will tell you that I’m an attention whore, they’re absolutely right. However, I am an attention whore who has a firm grasp of reality and doesn’t need to make up my reality as I go along to garner more attention. I’m random enough and such a Social Butterfly, people love me naturally.

Yes, I’m full of myself, did you just figure that out?

Well, here’s a bit of attention whoring that I found in ‘The Mutual Adoration Society’

“I am a Green Witch as well as a praticing Buddist of the White Lotus, I am an empath and read cards as well as make spells and sachets for friends, I charge for nothing and am friends with the local Witchcraft shop, ‘Witchypoo’s Palace’-great place!!! Do to my phychic abiities and my son’s we keep a low profile but, are willing to help anyone who needs it. my son is 6 and has the ability to see those who have just passed on.”

Really? I understand your need and desire to be the center of attention in fluffy whackadoo town, but why in God/des’ name are you pulling your 6-year-old into the madness with you?

It’s not just this flufftard doing it either. I see parents all the time, my child is (fill in the blank) yrs old, and has the natural ability to talk to dead people/raise a cone of power/see your aura/speak to the angel’s etc. Most of these kids are having these ideals thrust upon them when they’d much rather be watching Spongebob and playing in the mud. But they’re being subjected to mommy’s loony tunes world of craziness, herbs, making poppets, hanging out at the witchy store and ‘HELPING’ every crazy assed nut bag pagan that walks through the door at mommy’s house to speak to Dead Aunt Sue who just passed over last week.

Get a Life, and please, give your kid a normal childhood.

(Store name changed to protect the establishment.)

Eerily Familiar

Everyone ready for a new blog? So, usually people come together and share some pretty interesting and sometimes off the wall stuff in their groups, sometimes they ask for help. This is a call for help that I ran across the other day. I’ll name this one ‘Starlight Sparkles’

Starlight: I have a favor to ask of anyone who wishes to help me. I am battling something and I need as much positive engergy as i can get…any suggestions?

A member asks for more information at this point.

Starlight: im up against energies I thought I got rid of months ago…its hard to explain, and a long story. when i was 5 years old, and I dont know what caused it…my mother is wiccan…she has been all my life. this energy used to be hers, but it left her and came to me

The same ‘helpful pagan’ continues to ask for clarification and more information.

Starlight: yes it used to bother her but its been 31 years that i have delt with it now

Helpful pagan: Does your mother know where it came from?

Starlight: she said she got it from her sister. my mother is not sure, she said that her mothers sister had it before my aunt, and thinks it came from someone else before her, but she is not sure who

The ‘helpful pagan’ continues to talk to Starlight about the matter, trying to dig further, while at the same time gathering more information.

Starlight: the witch has been in our family for longer than I know of…the lineage is long. so, if it came from something malice I wouldnt know…the orgine I am not sure of either…this enegry comes into my dreams, like my mother and everyone before me, i speak other languages in my sleep, I will have to find the recordings, or my mother, and she also has recorded conversations with me, when i was 5 and in different parts of my life. it shows its self in mirrors and anything that can reflect…it does other things too

Now, how many of you are laughing your asses off at this point like I was and am again now? Has no one else seen the comparison between Starlight’s story, and Anne Rice’s series on the ‘Mayfair Witches’? Or, between ‘Lasher’ and her malicious entity that has been harassing the female members of her family? Of course, if I point this out, I’ll be banned from the group, then what stories would I have to report back to all of you?

I still the think Starlight is full of carp and seeking attention, but you make up your own mind on that one.

Anne Rice book on witches…..

(Mayfair Witches.

ahhh… second part of other note is about this post,not the demony witch one.

Nothing to See Here

My Web Host Mistress just informed me that I had 58 minutes to make a test post over here, so that’s what I’m working on right now. The problem is, that when given a random deadline and I haven’t been awake all that long, I’m finding myself staring at the screen, wondering just what in the hell am I going to post on here.

That leads to randomly rambling on and on about a whole lot of NOTHING. In fact, I’m feeling quite brain dead at the moment. Like the Wizard, when he’s behind the curtain, pulling levers and pushing buttons, bellowing and nothing in particular. Pay No Attention to the Man behind the curtain!

Last time I needed to make a test post, I simply shouted Testicles. Now the Test requires a word count. I’m wondering if we should talk about testicles again, or if I should just shout PUDDING.

Oh well, it’s CARP, you know it and I know it, but I do believe that I’ve managed to ramble on for a little bit. Pretty sure I got in the word count that I needed. Hope you enjoyed seeing the wind rush through one ear and out the other.

Brain Dead lala out!

Four Legs are Better Than Two

‘The Mutual Adoration Society’ is a made up name for a group that I will occasionally wander through. Now I have to make up a name for this place because if I told you all where it was that I was wandering, you might decide to go take a look, and it would be wrong of me to tell you to go troll. (more…)

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