Jesus was a Feminist?

Today I was invited to a group for the second day in a row,  called ‘Witches for Jesus.’  I can only assume that since I’ve already ignored an invitation to this group, someone really wanted to invite me, or, the follow this blog and thought that it would get my attention enough to go and check out the group, and possibly post about it. (more…)

Spam: It makes me giggle.



So, today is all about Spam. Sometimes it can just make you giggle, like this spam that I got as a comment on one of the previous blog entries.

‘Stop-Balness’: Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I am experiencing concern with ur rss . (more…)

Fluffy Hell

I happened to complain about being added to a ‘Wiccan’ group on FB without any prior knowledge of the group and without my consent. One of those settings that I really dislike about FB. To be left out of groups that I have no interest in belonging to. Moments after posting my ‘Quit It!’ status, a random FB user popped in to chat, and ask me questions. Joy oh Joy!


Random FB User: I thought you said you were Pagan

PaganMystics: I am not however a practicing wiccan

Random FB User: i am to mine goes 18 geration and i am a gpys gypsy

PaganMystics: really?

Random FB User: yup my grandpa on my dad’s side mom’s family were full blown gypsy

Another Random FB User: my family goes back to the Druids….not sure how many generations…my great great grandmother was a Celtic High PriestessRandom

FB User: dang

PaganMystics: Oh dear god

Random FB User: what

I ran away screaming and trying to beat my head up against the wall at this point. I was really trying very hard to be nice that day. I’ve decided being ‘nice’ is overrated.

California, where freedom abounds!

Now, honestly I think that the title is interesting enough to post as is, without a blog. Seriously, we should just print it on a t-shirt and go one about our business. Alas, that would be considered lazy, besides, then you’d never know just where the quote actually came from. I suppose it’s time to share that story.

Let’s go ahead and just name this particularly fluffy little morsel ‘Shit for Brains.’ Our fluffball was participating in a conversation on some random group on fb. (Can’t share the name) Shit for Brains was making the claim that Pagans in the Southern regions of the US were being burned out of their homes on a fairly regular basis, especially Pagans living in the general Mississippi area.  Now, a friend of the page responded to the discussion, sharing that they actually live in Mississippi (ever notice that you spell that out loud in your head making sure that you got all the S’ and I’s?) Oh yeah, anyhow they live in the state, and have not seen any news stories, or read any accounts of this actually happening (you’d think it’s a news worthy event) and simply asked for sources, so that she’d be able to read any stories that had been written on the matter.

Simple request right? Well, we are dealing with fluff, so I’m sure you already know the answer to that question…


Shit for Brains:  ‘Which part of the state do you live in? The closer you live to the metro areas, the safer you are. I’m over 70 miles from any metro area, and out in the sticks people can get away with just about anything. Most Pagans keep their belief a secret to stay under the radar, but those who confide in the wrong individual find themselves harassed, pets killed, children harassed at school, snarky remarks from neighbors, shunned, denied services including medical care and the worst cases end in loss of property, and or physical assault. Just because one person hasn’t seen or heard of anything doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Look up the Green Egg and contact Ariel M… She lives in rural Tennessee and has experienced the “welcoming committee.” Contact Oberon Zell, he knows Ariel and is aware of what’s going on. There are several Pagans right here in this discussion area who have also seen or knows someone who has suffered for simply being “open” about their belief.”


At this point, I’ve been shown the discussion topic, I’m curious and I want more information as well.


Lala: Ok, you’re making some interesting claims, do you have any news stories, etc that can serve as evidence that this is actually happening and not just some fantastical hearsay?


As we’re all aware of, fluff don’t like being questioned. Especially the already ‘persecuted fluff’
Shit for Brains: “Hey! I’m an EYE WITNESS. Who do YOU think you are to call me a liar! You want proof, get yourself out in the rural areas and ASK around for yourself. Let it be KNOWN that you are a Pagan, then come tell us YOUR story! Be sure to visit Buck Snort and HANGING LIMB Tennessee. While you’re at it, come stay with me — I’ll show you around and introduce you to some Pagans who have experienced this FANTASTICAL HEARSAY. Thanks to people like you, victims of this bull-shit are never taken seriously. You should be ashamed, and may you eat off the same plate of which you “serve” others. So mote it be.”

She even saw fit to include a ‘curse’ at the end of her post. Just curious, but since she’s now throwing curses at us, is she actively persecuting us? lol, idk, just a thought really.
Lala: You’re an eye witness? So, you stood and watched people being beaten and burned out of their homes?


Hahaha! There it is! The wonderfully, epicly hilarious quote that I promised I’d explain where it originated. I’m really not sure that I have to add anything else to this particular post. But don’t worry! There is more to come about Shit for Brains and her hilarious comrades!

another wtf moment.

Not sure quite what to say next…


Random Facebook Member: Well thanks for adding me I am a vampire but pagan witchcraft helps us alot

Pagan Mystics: Out of curiosity, I have to ask, How?

Random Facebook Member: Well we use the rituals pagans for praising and thanking the elements. But mostly we use it just to use to cast protections monthly or summon when were bored (well they have to I have control over spirits and demons) but we like to lie low but actually I am here to ask for your help in teaching my fellow clan members thy were recently tracked so now ylthere transforming and I want them to know more thsn I do


Because, apparently… Non sparkly vampires need pagans to help protect them. Too bad I never knew this before.


Sometimes there’s really nothing left to do but sit, stare blindly at the computer screen, jaw hanging out, trying to make sense of the message that randomly appeared in your inbox…

Random Face Book User: please god mother help me someone is trying to kill me ,this guy came to my house fight me and destroy thing in my house i don’t know to do please help me , i gone to the police but he no where to be found so on he came to my house try to puck my eye now my left eye is bleeding please use your great power to deal with him for me.


PaganMystics: *Blank Stare at computer screen.*


When will these morons stop watching so much tv?

Drive By Insults

So, last night we were discussing the topic, ‘When is it ok (if ever) to interfere in the will/destiny of another person?’

There were some interesting responses to the thread, of course, someone had to wander in and pull the ‘Karma’ card.


Flufferina: ‘that is never ok, unless you enjoy bad karma…bending or going agains someone’s will is not a good thing’

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty tired of hearing about Karmic repercussions, in every single discussion that we have. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, Karma ALWAYS shows up.

lala: ‘wtf does karma have to do with it?’  (seems like a reasonable question.)

Flufferina: ‘um ok..lala you idiot..the one and only rule in magic is and it harm none do what ye will…and then there’s that whole “whatever you do to others comes back three fold””

Flufferina: ‘oh so i guess you have never read anything on wiccan magic. most people who think it is ok to interfer in another person’s life usually practices black magic or just has no clue what it really means to actually practive”


At this point, people are responding. I have yet to get rabid, and am asking questions and what her reasoning is behind calling me an idiot.

Flufferina: “wow…so many people that “practice” magic are just as fucked up as Christians. Can’t wait to see what’s coming for all you ppl in the next life. :D”

lala: Are you assuming that everyone here is Wiccan? What is your definition of Karma?
Flufferina: “No I am not, assuming everyone is wicca but you asked me what karma had to do with it. I don’t care what magic you practice, it is common sense not to interfere with another person against their will. And no i am not talking about shit invented circa 1940.”

Ok…. Looks to me like she has a little bit of an issue with Wicca. Kinda besides the point. She has still not been attacked, suddenly she takes her ball, all of her responses, and just goes home. This is like the equivalent of a drive by shooting. Run into thread, throw your ‘Karma’ around. Call people idiots when they question you, and then leave, before you have to back up what you originally threw in the ring.  For Fucks Sake, How does that make US the BAD Guys?

FB says today is ‘Smack a Dumbass Day’ so, go out, remember our blog, and smack a few dumbasses!


Fucktard Invasion

I’ve mentioned it before, but, when you’re running a website, you’re never sure what kind of complaint you’re going to hear next. Anything from Mable is picking on me, to I can’t figure out how to change my email, etc. Problems arise, and you try to deal with them to the best of your ability.

Sometimes though, the Fucktards want to question EVERYTHING. Why can’t I do this? Why can’t I do that?

This is a real complaint that I got about a Group that exists on PaganMystics.


-Asshatted Member of PaganMystics Community: “why is the group called ‘The Dark Arts’ on this site? I thought this site was for white magick-like purposes only?”

(Ummm, excuse me? WTF?)

-The Creation Goddess: “There is no color when it comes to Magic, as for why does the group exist, Members chose to start the group and we allowed the group to be created. Why do you feel the need to be so closed minded, and impertinent enough to make the unwise decision of questioning the network creator of the groups existance? If you feel that strongly about the group being on this site, then I suppose I should remind you that you are free to leave this site at any time.”


Now, the lil halfwitted assclown never did respond to what I’d said, but, they didn’t leave the site either. It just amazes me that people will complain and pick apart every little thing that they can… Bit by bit. It’s a good thing I’m not allowed to choke them out at random.

Post blog/Pre Posting… If you don’t like the way I do things fine. If you think you can do it better, be my guest, but stop telling me how to run a group, I’ve been doing it for quite some time.

Instant Messages I should have hidden from.

You know, I’m all for the meeting new people or promoting the site on FB. There are so many who practice friend collecting, why not do it for the Community. What I don’t understand is the people who don’t really know you, clearly they are collecting as many pagans as they can as well, and they’ll randomly IM you to chat, for no other reason than they’re bored.

Some of the most off the wall, bizaar conversations are started by the random friend of a page, who has a question, wants a teacher, or they want to beg for spells. ETc. Here’s a not too old off the wall IM

anon: hey pagan do you know any attack speels?

PM: have we been watching far too much ‘Charmed’ on TV?

anon: really noi just know there are attack spelllike you know how when people get to close it attacks the

presenceis there really a show called charmed>?

PM: Yes, there really is

anon: so do you know any spells like thatwhere if you try to touch a specific item on me you will get a shock

PM: I think, perhaps you’re a bit confused, and you want to know about protection spells, and shielding

anon: well whatever i need i want spells pleaseyour the best source i have

PM: what path are you on?

anon: what do you meanwhy do i want to learn thisbecasue i got stupid people who are trying to mess with me\

PM: lmao, go get some books, figure out what flavor you are, do some research, and then come back and ask politely, right now you’re expecting to be given all the answers, something I won’t do and I doubt any other serious practitioners will either.

anon: please you sound like a person of reason i dont want to die of a freaking demon that someone lost control of its getting annotingplus there after my friends who dont have any protection at all

PM: take link, go join and ask in the forum, I’ll see what we can do to help

anon: thanks this is the best hing anyone has done for me in a long time i owe you

PM: no problem, go join and post about what’s happening, and we’ll see what we come up with

Well, it turns out we couldn’t do much of anything to help ‘anon’ over on the site either. Some people, just really are too wrapped up in the Hollyweird version of things. Makes me wonder if every single person who sends an unexpected IM is going to be just as much of a moron, but…. We keep trying.

Mercenary Mage For Hire!

Movie voice over voice, In a world where rogue wizards, gnomes and dragons rule all, lowly villages turn to…. (dun dun dun….) The Mercenary Mage!!!!

This was found on Twitter.

RandomTwit: #amagi Occultists! Market anarchists! Lend me your ears! Seeking to escape wage slavery and BS and use my skill set to make money, I am considering opening a business as a professional Mage Errant, with all the usual duties in addition to a sort of shamanic thing. In other words, I will take my wisdom (such as it is or may be – I think I have a unique perspective, at least…) and creative problem-solving and be an advisor to any village or entity willing to pay me a suitable fee. Way I see it…it’s no different than charging for musical skill, should I have that capability. But does it sound like it might make money? And could the occult types recommend steps to take as far as starting up goes?

Does anyone want to point out just what’s wrong with this post? I’m not sure where to start to be perfectly honest, though I’m itching to see if the Twit actually does manage to find a village that is in need of his ‘special skill set’

All together now, THIS IS CARP!