Monthly Archives: December 2011

A Warning

All Ya’ll Bitches better stay away from My New Man, Pepsi Potter… Read the rest

Dueces Ninjas and the New Ghetto Wicca

It has been brought to my attention that there is another tradition of Wicca out there that many of us might not have known much about, or have likely never heard of. It’s called Ghetto Wicca, and it’s alive and well over on the good ol’ FB.

Ghetto Wiccans can … Read the rest

Stick in the ass? PSA

Far too many people in the world suffer from stick in ass disease.

Warning signs include but are not limited to: General Grumpy dispositions, failure to see the humor in situations and postings, and a tendency to get offended when I tend to share an opinion.

If you know someone … Read the rest

PaganMystics Community on Ning is scheduled to close

This announcement is being posted in this blog to spread the word that the community is closing for a short time while it moves.


A message to all members of PaganMystics Community

This message is to inform all of our members that the Ning site is scheduled to be … Read the rest

Another Group of Fluff

Not sure how many times I have to say it, but I guess it’s time that I say it again. Do Not Add me to random ‘Pagan’ Flavored groups without my explicit permission. More than likely, I’m not interested in the ‘wisdom and knowledge’ that you’re sharing and will consider … Read the rest