Monthly Archives: August 2011

You mean I was supposed to?

When did it become the norm to respond to discussions without reading the discussion first? I must be crazy because I thought that was the whole point of having the discussion in the first place. Apparently I’m wrong and woefully misguided when it comes to discussion etiquette.

You see, now … Read the rest

Carp Causes… More Carp

I’m not a fan of the ‘Causes’ on FB. I’m not sure if these ’causes’ do much of anything, I don’t see any verifiable results and I think it’s just a way for the Lazy to take a pro-active stance on something, without actually having to put forth any effort … Read the rest

Oh Look! Another Group!

Oh, I certainly just LOVE when the PaganMystics profile on FB gets added to groups without permission. Ok, I really don’t but, I suppose that since we’re in the middle of a fluff draught, it’s a good thing, because it gives me something to blog about. We know it’s always … Read the rest