You mean I was supposed to?

When did it become the norm to respond to discussions without reading the discussion first? I must be crazy because I thought that was the whole point of having the discussion in the first place. Apparently I’m wrong and woefully misguided when it comes to discussion etiquette.

You see, now days, people jump into the fray, asking a question that was already asked, within the first few responses to the discussion and then get pissy when you point out the fact that they could have saved a whole lot of time, including their own, if they’d just bothered to read the thread that they are responding to.

What makes this worse, the discussion was on UPG. Before anyone asks what that is, I’ll explain. UPG = Unverified Personal Gnosis. The discussion took place in my own FB group. In order to head off people asking this question repeatedly, we’ve actually included a doc that has commonly used phrases etc, including UPG and what it means. (Again, no one fucking reads anything.)

Fine, we’re discussing UPG, within the first 4 responses the question of what is UPG is asked and answered, discussion then moves on. Great, fine and dandy, now we’re able to discuss the concept, etc in an educated manner, we’re all on the same page right?

Ha! Not so, you see 20 responses later, some nitwit who hasn’t even bothered to read the discussion pops in, and says, “What’s UPG?”

Are you fucking serious? Really?

Now, I could understand, (Maybe) if the discussion had amassed hundreds of responses, and someone decided, TLDR. Nope, there were maybe 30 responses? That’s me being generous. So I ask point-blank, did you even bother to read the thread? What kind of response do I get?

“You mean I was supposed to?”

At this point I’m thanking the gods that this fuckwit isn’t sitting right in front of me, otherwise I’d be beating them with a blunt object.

I point out that if they planned on participating in the conversation, it might be a good idea to READ the Discussion. (Of course, I should know, that’s common sense, it’s not going to happen.)

This idiot then decides to throw back, “You’re just picking on me!”



Again, it’s a good thing she’s not within smacking distance.

So, I point-blank ask her, “Why are you here? If you can’t put forth the effort to read a thread before asking a question, what’s the point? Why should we waste our time answering your questions?”

Oh, my little flufftastic friend is undettered by this, she even has a snarky response ready.

“This site isn’t all that interesting”


Maybe it’s because we’re over run by morons?

Actually, I think I did tell her that. I’ll quote myself.

” no, it really isn’t when we have morons run amuck in threads and asking questions that were asked and answered in the beginning of the discussion, it’s the mental speedbump effect. We all have to stop and wait for the speds to have it dumbed down barney style and give you all a chance to catch up.

Take away all those repeat questions, this site is actually interesting and engaging. There are a great many who learn and thrive in this environment, then there are those like you, who generally make us all slow down and put the training wheels back on for you so you can participate as well.

If you’re not interested in reading the WHOLE TOPIC, then don’t respond to it.”

Now, even though the group and the discussion are epicly boring by this fluffy lil rejects standards, she still takes a moment to reply and tell me, that’s she’s not interested in discussing such things…

Again, are you fucking serious?

Then WHY are you responding?

It’s enough to make me want to slam my head repeatedly into the wall. I may have to go and do that now to restore some balance.

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