Sept. 9, 2011. Fluffy Friday!

Yep, welcome to Fluffy Friday!

I’ll be going over a short list of things that I came across that I found to be fluffy though out the past week.

Today I woke up to find a message from Fern, with a happy little link to some extra special pagans. See here. I got a good laugh while I was waking up, it’s just an honorable mention of fluff this week. If you’re interested go check out Fern’s take on it in her blog, “Fire Protection

During the week, we’ve been having a discussion or a debate on what makes one a Warrior. Now, I don’t care how you want to describe or define a ‘Warrior Path’ but this is one of the more, shall we say, interesting responses we’ve gotten on the subject.

R. B. : Dear sister, I am not a Druid, but I too am walking the Warrior’s path.
R. B. : But as a Psi Vampire instead of a Druid.
R.B. : In the Context of the Path, I walk is that it goes against my nature to not actively watch, ward, and guard the Circle in a Group Setting.
R.B. : For the Druid, I am a Red Magus, and an Alchemist, instead. Yet in that, is the differance, and yet is it?

We’ve had members ask for clarification on exactly what a Red Magus is. As we haven’t been answered, I googled it, and I think I found the answer.


Ok, so moving on.

Sometimes you encounter a fluff who wants to do nothing more than get off on their delusions of grandeur, “Oh, Look I’m special, there’s an unknown entity that is stalking me!” “Oh Noes! I feel something bad is going to happen!”

Now, I know you’ve all seen it, in your group that is of a more ‘Flufftastic’ type, someone will see that post, and respond, “zomg! I feel it too!” “Things have been feeling ‘Dark’ Lately” and of course, ‘Well, you know, Mercury is in Retrograde.’

I think PaganMystics prides itself on not being the type of group that automatically buys into every single off the wall post that members make. We ask questions, we ask more questions, we ask the OP to consider Mundane causes for what they’re experiencing.

Now, today we had another off the wall post. By a member who only seems to pop in once every two weeks, to post something off the wall.

When I suggested that perhaps the member was Seeking Attention, I got a stream of interesting private messages.

K.Z. : You know your kinda being an ass. I just become Pagan and Wiccan so I am still learning. I would to be friends. But you kinda making it hare to be friends.

lala: Really, what lineage? What coven?

K.Z.: I just started like so I havent joing any of those things.

lala: so then you’re really not wiccan, but adopting a title that you think sounds cool. I think you’re wasting our time.

K.Z.: Your being an ass again. No I dont think it sonds cool. I been learning about wiccan and pagan for the last 4 years now. But I havent had a chance to really be in a coven.

lala: You’re being a fluff bunny. You can read about it as much as you want, obviously you haven’t read enough if you don’t understand that “Wiccan/Wicca” is an initiate tradition that one must be initiated in to follow, otherwise, you’re claiming titles that you haven’t earned.

K.Z.: Yeah. Did I ever tell you why I started studying this or how? No so stop thinking you know what background I come from.

lala: I could care less what kind of back ground you come from. You’re a stereotypical fluff bunny who is claiming titles that you have no claim to.

K.Z.: And you a whore of a bitch who should die. I dont really care what you think in the first place Lala. So drop the high and mighty act. you human like the rest of us. Geezzz/

Now, that last one left me laughing my ass off. I chose to back off and let one of the other admins from the group deal with him in thread, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that he found himself banned within the hour, though, not by my hand, I would have stalked and tormented him a bit longer. But, that’s just me.

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