First of all, waves at everyone, look who’s back! How much did you miss me? Feel free to send lots of fan mail describing in detail just how much you love me and how you’ve missed my presence.

Heh, you see, I’d just run out of inspiration. There certainly was NO LACK of fluffy fucktards to make fun of, it just seemed like I’d bitched about each type of situation on more than one occasion, and I was HOPING that something new would come along. I mean really, how many times do people want to listen to me bitch about the Western Bastardized version of Karma? It does eventually get old.

Well, I was sitting here the other day, and noticed that I had a notification that someone had commented on a blog. Cool! Wander over, read comment, approve comment, respond to comment. Just as I’m about read to click out, I see I have another notification, for another comment.

Click, Oh, it’s the same guy. OK…. Read comment…. Wait, wha? Is this guy spamming me? Is he being sarcastic? Is he simply venting on my blog? So, I’ve decided that it was ‘Spam-casm’

Whatever the case may be, I’ve got the comment, I’m going to share it, and Oh Look! It inspired me to blog! Killed a flock of seagulls with one stone.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I present, “Spam-Casm”


cool story, bro. Here’s a plan for you:

1) Start a discussion
2) Someone asks something that’s already been answered
3) Ignore them
4) ????

I use it as a business model and it works. True story!

Still, not quite sure if ol’ Nicky was harping on the blog, actually responding or just venting.

Hey, if you figure it out, let me know

Let the Carp Begin!

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