An Ode To my Stalker

So, recently I’ve been plagued with a stalker on my FB profile. Those who follow and talk to me regularly already know who this douche nugget is. We have his to thank for such nuggets of information as this….

“”Actually, unless you worship the ancient gods of Rome, Greece or the Celtic pantheons, historically you are not Pagan. It is an ignorant misinterpretation perpetuated by the Church out of a need to separate themselves, their followers and their opponents. Again, what I follow has no label because I see no need to label it which is a reflection of how the ancients felt towards their faith, therefore, I am Pagan in a purely historical context, not a Christian context. I want nothing to do with that institution so I don’t define my faith as they deem.””

and, of course, his lovely post about me on his wall:

“Lala Lynn Davis. You have spoke out against me by using lies and deceit. You have caused me to remove myself from a group I have been a member of for years. You have instigated maliciousness against me and my partner ___________! You are no pagan! You are no creative goddess! You are a COW! By the Infernal Gates of Hades I hope you pay! P.S. Sorry to be so negative on such a holy day but she felt the need to accuse me of things I did not do and is too piggish to supply proof when I called her out, causing people who I thought were friends to accuse me as well!”

Well, here he is, in all his glory….

Ode to Stalker

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