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Have you seen this Douche?

Junior McShellingtons

Have you Seen This Douche?


Hi all… This is Junior McShellingtons.

I met Junior (CaptainMcDoucheyPants) on tumblr. He seemed like a pretty alright individual, so the friendship moved to FB as well.

It turns out that Junior is a fantastic douchetard.

It was on FB that the Captain … Read the rest

Tags and Trigger Warnings

Just decided to steal a copy/pasta of this from Tumblr and throw it over here. Even though portions of the blog are tumblr specific, the message is one that can be applied to multiple social networks.

Tags and Trigger Warnings
My thoughts on TW’s and Tags… Read the rest

tumblrize test… Read the rest

Quick Note

The Post People and Privilege has been pulled for the time being pending some minor changes. It will be back soon, don’t fret. … Read the rest


Testing the network publisher. Like the FB post if you see it show up. K thanks. … Read the rest

No, I’m not dead

Waves at everyone out there. Yeah, I’m alive! No, I’m not dead! Oh and neither is the blog.

I just need a bit of inspiration, I know that I’ve been away for a bit, there was a move, to an even more ghetto-ier ghetto than the one that we once … Read the rest

Tumblr Test

Testing the crossposting for PUTA… Read the rest

Don’t Want to be Called a Fluffy Bunny?

Then I have a suggestion for you, do something about it. Educate yourself. It really is just that simple. Now I hear a lot of people whining and complaining on a daily basis about not wanting to be filed under that category.  Then don’t let yourself be, do the required … Read the rest

Fluffy Friday, Feb 10, 2012

Question: Ever see something so epicly fucktarded, stupid, fluffy and down right crazy that your brain doesn’t even accept that something so insane was just said?

Like, your brain refuses to accept the existence of this high holy horror of wondertarded glory? … Read the rest

Who Does That?

Sitting here, very chill… There’s a knock on the door. I get up, go to switch on my porch light/front door light… Nothing happens… Crack the door, see it’s the Pizza Guy.

Open the door, pay the dude for the pizza, look over to see if the light isn’t screwed … Read the rest