Don’t Want to be Called a Fluffy Bunny?

Then I have a suggestion for you, do something about it. Educate yourself. It really is just that simple. Now I hear a lot of people whining and complaining on a daily basis about not wanting to be filed under that category.  Then don’t let yourself be, do the required work and research.

I realize that if you ask 10 different people what the term means, you’ll get 10 different answers, but it really does boil down to, ‘Are you being willfully ignorant?’

Now, a blog was brought to my attention today, and in it, the author is complaining about the Term Fluffy Bunny. Take a look at it yourself, draw your own conclusions. I intend to respond to a few quoted elements below.  ‘How Do You Order Up Your Pagan Group?’

Now right off the bat, I have to say this isn’t a blog that I would choose to read or follow on a regular basis. Why? It’s not even the content that I find off-putting. It’s the Glitteratzi feel of the presentation. The blinking flashing glitter like a neon, look at me, I’m super cool, my back ground is animated cry for attention.  It reminds me of the type of person who wears a hub cap sized pent around their neck, that causes people to gape in amazement and then they cry about religious persecution in their place of business.  Of course, that’s my opinion.

I also have to take exception to these excerpts from the blog.

“Pagans are often obnoxious, loud, angry”

True, it does happen, but it’s not fair to make such a blanket statement about pagans in general.

“Don’t like the “fluffy bunny” approach? Well okay then, you violent ones, why don’t you all stick together. Perhaps you will all destroy each other eventually or else mellow out to realize you really don’t want your children, your grandchildren, and continuing generations to be as mean and nasty a bunch that you were.”

You know, just because there are people who point out that there are Fluff-tastic pagans, it doesn’t mean that they’re violent. Passionate maybe, strong in their beliefs sure, some might have some violent tendencies, I for example, have a colorful use of vocabulary, and have been accused of verbal rape. Yeah, maybe the way I talk can be considered violent. But not everyone falls into that category.

“Actually, the term “fluffy bunny” was invented by those who are perhaps arrogant and self-involved to the extent that they wish not to consider the needs of others except when they are being patronizing.”

LMAO! We’re aware of the fact that we’re being patronizing, sarcastic, snarky, etc. It’s an attempt to get you to pick up a fucking book. Do some research of your own, and don’t pretend to be living in the world of Charmed or Harry Fucking Potter.  Yes, the term fluffy bunny can also be applied to the self delusional who feel that they exemplify the Hollyweird stereotype and can shoot fire balls from their hands, achieve glamour spells like the ones seen in ‘The Craft’ and who believe that they are staring in their own version of ‘Charmed’.

The author of this blog goes on to say that the term fluffy bunny is applied to those who are of a gentler and kinder demeanor. I have to point out that this is not usually the case. The term applied to these people can be ‘Glenda the Goodwitch, Glitterwitch’ ‘Love n Lighters’ and Delusional Unicorn Chasers who dance upon rainbows of happiness.  Susie Sunshine is annoying, but not necessarily a stupid ass fluff bunny. We’re very aware of that, you bother us for the unstoppable sunshine, not for being fluffy.

Also, I have to point out, those of us who are rabid fluff eaters can and are caring people. But we care for people who have real problems, not for those of you who want to shout to the rooftops and high heaven about the Burning Times and about your perceived religious prosecution, that’s only really happening in your head.

Really, all I have to say is, if you don’t like the term, get a clue. Find some balance, open a book. Carry on an intelligent conversation for once in your life, maybe then people will stop referring to you as a fluff bunny.

Carp Out!


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