Don’t Want to be Called a Fluffy Bunny?

Then I have a suggestion for you, do something about it. Educate yourself. It really is just that simple. Now I hear a lot of people whining and complaining on a daily basis about not wanting to be filed under that category.  Then don’t let yourself be, do the required work and research.

I realize that if you ask 10 different people what the term means, you’ll get 10 different answers, but it really does boil down to, ‘Are you being willfully ignorant?’

Now, a blog was brought to my attention today, and in it, the author is complaining about the Term Fluffy Bunny. Take a look at it yourself, draw your own conclusions. I intend to respond to a few quoted elements below.  ‘How Do You Order Up Your Pagan Group?’

Now right off the bat, I have to say this isn’t a blog that I would choose to read or follow on a regular basis. Why? It’s not even the content that I find off-putting. It’s the Glitteratzi feel of the presentation. The blinking flashing glitter like a neon, look at me, I’m super cool, my back ground is animated cry for attention.  It reminds me of the type of person who wears a hub cap sized pent around their neck, that causes people to gape in amazement and then they cry about religious persecution in their place of business.  Of course, that’s my opinion.

I also have to take exception to these excerpts from the blog.

“Pagans are often obnoxious, loud, angry”

True, it does happen, but it’s not fair to make such a blanket statement about pagans in general.

“Don’t like the “fluffy bunny” approach? Well okay then, you violent ones, why don’t you all stick together. Perhaps you will all destroy each other eventually or else mellow out to realize you really don’t want your children, your grandchildren, and continuing generations to be as mean and nasty a bunch that you were.”

You know, just because there are people who point out that there are Fluff-tastic pagans, it doesn’t mean that they’re violent. Passionate maybe, strong in their beliefs sure, some might have some violent tendencies, I for example, have a colorful use of vocabulary, and have been accused of verbal rape. Yeah, maybe the way I talk can be considered violent. But not everyone falls into that category.

“Actually, the term “fluffy bunny” was invented by those who are perhaps arrogant and self-involved to the extent that they wish not to consider the needs of others except when they are being patronizing.”

LMAO! We’re aware of the fact that we’re being patronizing, sarcastic, snarky, etc. It’s an attempt to get you to pick up a fucking book. Do some research of your own, and don’t pretend to be living in the world of Charmed or Harry Fucking Potter.  Yes, the term fluffy bunny can also be applied to the self delusional who feel that they exemplify the Hollyweird stereotype and can shoot fire balls from their hands, achieve glamour spells like the ones seen in ‘The Craft’ and who believe that they are staring in their own version of ‘Charmed’.

The author of this blog goes on to say that the term fluffy bunny is applied to those who are of a gentler and kinder demeanor. I have to point out that this is not usually the case. The term applied to these people can be ‘Glenda the Goodwitch, Glitterwitch’ ‘Love n Lighters’ and Delusional Unicorn Chasers who dance upon rainbows of happiness.  Susie Sunshine is annoying, but not necessarily a stupid ass fluff bunny. We’re very aware of that, you bother us for the unstoppable sunshine, not for being fluffy.

Also, I have to point out, those of us who are rabid fluff eaters can and are caring people. But we care for people who have real problems, not for those of you who want to shout to the rooftops and high heaven about the Burning Times and about your perceived religious prosecution, that’s only really happening in your head.

Really, all I have to say is, if you don’t like the term, get a clue. Find some balance, open a book. Carry on an intelligent conversation for once in your life, maybe then people will stop referring to you as a fluff bunny.

Carp Out!


15 Responses to Don’t Want to be Called a Fluffy Bunny?

  1. Melinda Blondeaux says:

    question: what is a “dark fluffy”? cuz i was recently called one by a member of the rainbow shitting unicorn squad :s

    • Ladylala says:

      A rainbow shitting moron called you a dark fluffy? I’d need to see the context in which it was used, I haven’t had the pleasure of coming across the term before.

  2. Eric Roberts says:

    Lala: *Standing up clapping*

    Melinda: Dark Fluffy…Constantino’s Dark Wicca (I think that was the name of the book) is a good example. Pretty much a fluffy bunny that someone spray painted black ;-0

    • Ladylala says:

      I’m going to have to google search that one, to get a better picture, right now in my head I’m thinking Gothed up Fluffy Spice with a hint of emo.

      Also, takes a bow! lol, glad people enjoyed and appreciated the blog.

  3. Melinda Blondeaux says:

    she didnt like me pointing out that not all pagans follow the wiccan rede (thus implying that wiccans dont run the pagan community), not all believe in the 3 fold law, and not all have a problem with using curses. when i pointed out that i fall in to the category of pagans i listed, she pretty much did an online version of putting her hands over her ears, shouting LALALALALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOUUUUUU! and called me a dark fluffy

    • Ladylala says:

      lmao! Where were you hanging out? I would have loved to see this

      • Eric Roberts says:

        Wiccans like that are a dime a dozen. They believe that Wicca is the entirety of all paganism…when in fact it is actually Kabbalistic ceremonial magick wrapped up in a pagan veneer. As a former anthropologist, I don;t recall ever seeing anything like this outside of Kabbalism or Babylonian Ceremonial practices (which is probably where the Israelites picked up on some of the practices). Many covens call the archangels for the quarters…which even in of itself is a CM thing. The dagger, incense, candles, elements, elemental associations, etc etc…even down to how the circle is cast is all CM and not one bit Pagan in nature(again other than the names used). Celtic Practices, which is what Wicca is supposed based on only had 3 elements and they didn’t cast circles.

        I never had a problem with that as I am also a ceremonialist. it makes sense if you look at Gardner’s background. He was in eh Golden Dawn and even had a charter for his own chapter of Crowley’s OTO. The Rede is practically plagiarized from Thelemic law.

        This doesn’t reduce Wicca by any means…but I do wish people would be honest with themselves and others about this. I am not even going to get into Reclaiming…what a sham there.


        Vikti, Shaman, Druid, Ceremonial Magician, High Priest, and slayer of fluffy bunnies at your service m’lady *bowing with a flourish*

        • Tango Siguere says:

          Constantino’s work was taking advantage of the wicclets who were goth and were too afraid to dabble in real Satanism (and I aint talking about the Lavey kind). He gave them an excuse to be “dark”, “mysterious”, “spooky”, and somewhat evil. Honestly, it’s just like everything else out there on modern Wicca/Paganism a contradicting piece of tripe that has no place on a real occultist’s book shelf. Let the kiddies play with fire and get burned. Let them be stupid and see what happens. When it comes down to it we will know who can hang with the big boys.
          Also in response to your comment about Wicca being the entirety of Paganism, well I hate to say it but everything that has been printed from 2000 (that you can easily get at your local bookstore) has reinforced this idea. To say your Pagan everyone assumes that you are Wiccan. It’s ridiculous.
          Also, you mentioned you were a former anthropologist; What specific area did you study?

  4. Good Afternoon,
    I must say you have an interesting site here. Shame I haven’t found you before now. I am the owner of the blog you are attacking, Witches Of The Craft. I can tell you have not visited my blog very often or you would know what my blog is all about. It is a daily journal for the Pagan community. I post daily horoscopes, tarot readings, the Runes and also articles from various sources. These articles are posted to cause the Pagan community to stop and think. They are posted to promote a discussion about certain topics that might be of interest to us. I posted this particular article because I am not fond of the term “FLUFF BUNNY” myself. To me, the term gives all of us a bad name. The article was posted to show the stupidity and lameness of the term. I am not in favor of labeling anyone. I have fought for ten years on the internet just to dispel all of the stereotypes associated with Witchcraft. Why would I want to label someone a “Fluff bunny”? I don’t. You took my posting this article totally out of context. Like I said you have not visited my blog enough to even know what it is about. Do not judge me before you know me and what I am about. I am a Witch. I have an excellent reputation in the Pagan community and so does the WOTC (Witches Of The Craft, in case you can’t figure it out!). As far as the glitter and all the other “fancy” stuff, I like to be different. Graphics are my hobby. I have designed several websites and blogs. So to express myself on my own blog is no crime. As far as wearing a pentagram as big as a hubcap, no, not as big as a hubcap but I do wear one. Do you? I wear it not to call attention to myself but I wear it to show my religious beliefs. Is that a crime too? I have fought persecution all my life and it seems like I am doing it again here. Before you make such comments, you should check your facts. Found out what you are talking about and who you are talking about. Like I said the WOTC is a daily journal. The article I posted was to get people to thinking and apparently I accomplished just that.

    You have my email address, if you would like to discuss this matter further with me. Unlike you, I am a Lady and have a reputation to uphold. I will not show my true colors like you have here.

    I hope this clears the air on this subject. Check your facts next time. I guess somewhere in all the glitter, I should put, “DAILY JOURNAL FOR PAGANS” on my blog for idoits like you.

    May the Goddess Open Your Eyes,
    Lady Of The Abyss

    • Ladylala says:

      So, what you’re saying is, you don’t want to publicly show your true colors? I don’t have anything to hide from anyone and I’m open about being a judgemental bitch. Also, while I commented on the glitter and sparkles, you’re taking it as a personal attack and again a case of persecution, while I was writing a response to your blog.

    • FernWise says:

      I’m still waiting for you to post the question I posted on your blog, asking you to cite your sources on both definition of ‘fluff bunny’ – since yours is at odds with most – and who created the phrase. It’s been 20 hours, and you responded to THIS already…..

  5. Damn right, I took it as a personal attack. The WOTC and I are one in the same. You attack it, you attack me. My site was once a group on MSN and it was my baby. Everyone knew it. I worked my ass off and put blood, sweat and tears into it to make it number one. And yes, it was number 1 too! When I do anything I strive to do my best. I am very proud of my site and also very fond of it. It is my haven from the real world. A place to go and have peace and enjoy myself. I don’t understand it what the hell are all of you so angry about? Yourself? The World? People like me? What I am seeing, you are trying to be activists. But you are going about it all wrong. And yes, I know how to be an activist. I know that question would be coming out of one of your mouths.

    I have nothing to hide either, my dear. I am just a private person. There are somethings about me that are nobody’s business.

    As far as the other question goes, I didn’t answer your question on my site because I didn’t want a fight on it. I try to maintain a certain atmosphere for my readers. A quiet, peaceful environment were they can come and find their friends, learn, do whatever they want. Also as far as that article goes, I did not write it. The author’s name is under the title. Personally, I have dealt with enough fluff bunnies to know they are ignorant. Most of the ones I have met have wanted to cast a spell the same day they showed up at the site. You telling they have to study for a year and a day, they run like hell. They think they know everything about everything. They take one book stand by it as if it was gospel. And don’t dare mention there is a Dark side to magick, they dig a hole and cover themselves up. I don’t see why the word was ever invented to start with. Labeling people, why didn’t they just turn their backs on them instead of inventing a word. Just goes to show you their is bigotry and prejudice in our own Craft. Oh, I forgot, are ya’ll Witches? So what’s your definition of a fluff bunny? Also I would like an answer on why all of you are so angry? What are you out to prove?

    • Ladylala says:

      So basically… You’re pissed because I said your site was glitteratzi inspired and that it was a want for attention…

      Boo Fucking Hoo.

      Am I an activist? No, I just point out asshats, and I entertain some people. As for the rest of it, keep on crying, the blog was a direct response to the post. STFU, and pull your magic wand out of your ass, obviously it’s not comfortable anymore.

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  7. Cat says:

    Ah…her site ‘posts things from various sources’. Where I come from we call that ‘cut and pasting without attribution’.

    Here’s my take on that crap.
    ‘It’s like, Tuesday and it’s call Tuesday cuz it’s like, the second day,right? Todays majyckil color is like, clear, but the kind with sparkles in it? Sorta like you know, those cute jelly flats Michael Kors came out with? Todays incense is totally NOT patchouli, cuz like that gross chick in my economy class wears it and she’s just nasty. I think it could be vanilla cuz like, I think vanilla totally rocks. Todays Tarot card is like…I dunno maybe the Star? Cuz I have the Kardashian Deck and the Star is Kim BEFORE she did that weird thing with her eyebrows. The crystal for today is swarovski.
    So Luv N Lite and stuff .