Have you seen this Douche?

Junior McShellingtons

Have you Seen This Douche?


Hi all… This is Junior McShellingtons.

I met Junior (CaptainMcDoucheyPants) on tumblr. He seemed like a pretty alright individual, so the friendship moved to FB as well.

It turns out that Junior is a fantastic douchetard.

It was on FB that the Captain … Read the rest

I call bullshit, it’s none of your business

You know what’s sad, old and just a flaming bowl of hypocritical?

The number of pagans and pagan blogs that want to demonize other pagans who’s paths have evolved and changed and sent them back to Christianity.… Read the rest

Star does it all wrong…

I’m not really in the practice of staying on top of all of the goings’ on and news worthy events in the ‘Pagan Community’ at large. I tend to get my updates from friends and the occasional post from The Wild Hunt. Today I saw one of the Practical Pagan … Read the rest

Tags and Trigger Warnings

Just decided to steal a copy/pasta of this from Tumblr and throw it over here. Even though portions of the blog are tumblr specific, the message is one that can be applied to multiple social networks.

Tags and Trigger Warnings
My thoughts on TW’s and Tags… Read the rest

Shit we see on Facebook

Shit we see on Facebook… Read the rest

De-effective Question Asking

Everyone is familiar with a situation like this, either you’ve run across it on a blog, discussion group, forum or even on someones status feed on a social media site. Someone asks a question and try as you might, you just can’t figure out what it is they’re asking.… Read the rest

Rite of Access?

The following are my thoughts on a two-part question that came up yesterday in one of the FB Pagan flavored groups.

‘Rite of Access? Should all knowledge be free and accessible to everyone? Or are there valid reasons or certain kinds of information that shouldn’t be “open source” (as it Read the rest

tumblrize test… Read the rest

I’m Entitled

Is it me or has there been an increase in asshats this week? Actually, it probably is me and the fact that I haven’t had very reliable internet service and connection for quite awhile and so I was just skipping over the more asinine topics.

Today I have to admit … Read the rest

Mabon – This is what I do

So many posts on the Autumnal Equinox, Harvest Home, Mabon, etc.

I guess it’s time to share my thoughts and plans for this holiday. Mabon. I take a little bit of issue with the name of the celebration. I suppose that I should clarify my reasons for that. All too … Read the rest

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