I call bullshit, it’s none of your business

You know what’s sad, old and just a flaming bowl of hypocritical?

The number of pagans and pagan blogs that want to demonize other pagans who’s paths have evolved and changed and sent them back to Christianity.

1. It’s their path, it’s not yours
Then I saw a blog that says, you should support them in their decision, but it’s ok to be hurt and confused about it.

I call bullshit. Why? Again, it’s their path, it’s not yours.

Perhaps it’s a bit of a leap, but I’m going to equate someones spiritual identity on the same level as their gender identity. In the end, they are free to associate with whatever gender or religious flavoring of their choosing and it has shit all to do with the outside world.

I’m sick and tired of people feeling the need to demonize others for their personal choices, and I’m sick of pagans who want to bash christianity.

If your top gripe, as a community is that you want to be treated equally, and not be demonized by those who are in the top tier, best selling religions, then you better check your hypocrasy at the door before doing that very thing when someone else is called, or called back, to another path.

It’s their path, it’s not yours. Stop being a butthurt little bitch and let them worship who and how they see fit.

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