Have you seen this Douche?

Junior McShellingtons

Have you Seen This Douche?


Hi all… This is Junior McShellingtons.

I met Junior (CaptainMcDoucheyPants) on tumblr. He seemed like a pretty alright individual, so the friendship moved to FB as well.

It turns out that Junior is a fantastic douchetard.

It was on FB that the Captain of Douchtardery decided to ask me if I was interested in any of the metalwork that he created. Showed me a pretty neat picture of a chainmail bikini.

bikiniSee, pretty neat. Well I couldn’t purchase it but I shared the picture to see if anyone else was interested. As it turns out a good friend of my was, she contacted Junior, you’d think that’d be the end of it.

Turns out, I was wrong.

My friend messaged me yesterday and told me that she’s shelled out a total of $100 for the chainmail top and has not yet received the item.
OK… shit business practices, but maybe Junior got busy? Nope… She was able to make contact last night, was promised a tracking number today. As of 5 pm, CA time, no tracking number has been received and Juniors personal fb page has been deactivated.

Well… It might be too late to get the money back, but it’s not too late to spread the word. Shitty business practices are not something that PUTA and the PaganMystics associated pages want to be tied to, further more, we’d like to warn people before they make the mistake of doing any business with this individual.

These are the known public profiles that Mr Doucheypants is associated with. Please spread the word and make sure that no one else is ripped off by this royal piece of shit.
Tumblr http://captainlieutenantmcidrinkalot.tumblr.com/

Deviant art http://captaindrinkypants.deviantart.com/

FB Business Page https://www.facebook.com/stronghammer.smithing?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

FB Profile https://www.facebook.com/junior.mcshellingtons (Deactivated)
Thanks all and have a great day.

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