Assclown Fucktard Rejects

Sometimes you just have to stop and rant about a situation, there’s really not much else you can do about it. Today I had a question that I needed some help with answering. Now most of you know I’m not all that familiar with the bible and Abrahamic Faiths. I have no problems with them, I just have a severe lack of knowledge. Therefore, I will ask for help when I need a question answered.

Today I posted this on the PaganMystics profile page over on FB.

Question, is anyone on our friends list a Jehovah’s Witness, or does anyone on our list know one who would be willing to answer a few questions for me?

Some people were helpful, others thought that a smartassed answer such as “Just wait at your front door…they’ll be along.” would be helpful. Guess what, it’s not.

All that response did was get under my skin, and induce a rant.

“Just wanted to point out that when we have a question for someone of a Non Pagan Faith, there is usually a damned good reason for it.

Also, if you want to have a smart assed remark each time we bring up an Abrahamic Faith, you might be on the wrong page, or wrong friends list. Slamming other religions it not something that we tolerate here.

We’re anti idiot, not anti Christian.”

Now, I have to point out that a large portion of people on the friends list approved of my rant. However, again, people think that this statement of how I choose to run the page is up for debate. It’s not, but here’s their argument.

Assclown: “well i do have to say one ting be friendly but always watch your back,the monothesitc faiths would love to stab you in th back in a heartbeat,the christains have always had a problem with any religons who agree them,and they have tried and killed pgans before,the islam faith have said there will be no peace on this planet till everybody believes in them or dead,so i tell you nothing wrong with being friendly with other faiths but they will like history have proving over and over again they have no problem turing on you and killiing you if they believe there god told them too nothing wrong with forgiving but never never forget what happen in he past to people like us ok”

Yes, he’s that much of an idiot. No, he’s obviously not paying attention.

Thank goodness no one will give me a gun. I’d shoot this fucker if given the chance. As it is, I’ve given him as an offering to a giant grizzly bear. I’m hoping that the bear strings his entrails across a large meadow.

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