Drive By Insults

So, last night we were discussing the topic, ‘When is it ok (if ever) to interfere in the will/destiny of another person?’

There were some interesting responses to the thread, of course, someone had to wander in and pull the ‘Karma’ card.


Flufferina: ‘that is never ok, unless you enjoy bad karma…bending or going agains someone’s will is not a good thing’

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty tired of hearing about Karmic repercussions, in every single discussion that we have. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, Karma ALWAYS shows up.

lala: ‘wtf does karma have to do with it?’  (seems like a reasonable question.)

Flufferina: ‘um ok..lala you idiot..the one and only rule in magic is and it harm none do what ye will…and then there’s that whole “whatever you do to others comes back three fold””

Flufferina: ‘oh so i guess you have never read anything on wiccan magic. most people who think it is ok to interfer in another person’s life usually practices black magic or just has no clue what it really means to actually practive”


At this point, people are responding. I have yet to get rabid, and am asking questions and what her reasoning is behind calling me an idiot.

Flufferina: “wow…so many people that “practice” magic are just as fucked up as Christians. Can’t wait to see what’s coming for all you ppl in the next life. :D”

lala: Are you assuming that everyone here is Wiccan? What is your definition of Karma?
Flufferina: “No I am not, assuming everyone is wicca but you asked me what karma had to do with it. I don’t care what magic you practice, it is common sense not to interfere with another person against their will. And no i am not talking about shit invented circa 1940.”

Ok…. Looks to me like she has a little bit of an issue with Wicca. Kinda besides the point. She has still not been attacked, suddenly she takes her ball, all of her responses, and just goes home. This is like the equivalent of a drive by shooting. Run into thread, throw your ‘Karma’ around. Call people idiots when they question you, and then leave, before you have to back up what you originally threw in the ring.  For Fucks Sake, How does that make US the BAD Guys?

FB says today is ‘Smack a Dumbass Day’ so, go out, remember our blog, and smack a few dumbasses!


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