God is a Computer Tech

So, I had the opportunity to meet God the other day. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was a computer tech, and has a profile on Facebook.


You can find him here: http://www.facebook.com/Singlearity

See, he’s  a computer and Software repairer at Coputer and softwear repari. (God’s spelling, not mine.)

So, when you encounter deity, you expect to find wisdom and enlightenment. I suppose, in a sense, we got it.

Adam Brereton

you all call it magic and witchery and you are all wrong in what you think you are. .plus do you all really kno your selfs truly do you look in the mirror and ask your self who am i…what am i.. so now you all havent evern got out of the sand pit yet. ..ive see things you dont wanna see. …i can teach people but i dont wanna wast my time

Adam Brereton well there are so many paths we take but in the end they all lead to rome in the end. ….truth is within your self belive in your self and thats the truth only you and you alone will kno when its wright to see once you open that door theres no turning back it has begun enjoy


Considering that I haven’t been struck dumb at the sight of God, I had to question him.
Lala Lynn Davis You were dropped on your head when you were an infant weren’t you
Adam Brereton no i wasnt droped on my head. …feel what i have learnt ill let you in if you can see what i have learnt open that path to me and youll see how strong my energy is

Lala Lynn Davis Oh, and please inform us what you’ve learned. Just how powerful are you?

I’m patient, do your worst.

Adam Brereton I am God

Adam Brereton you all dont get what i mean when i posted this topic it means im god i am energy im the universe im what you dont wanna piss off im everything your not im the way i am i have learnt from an anchent book that they only made five copys of. …you will not find this book anywhere ealse you cant get it off the net its sacred no one will learn from me only those i wanna teach and have the time for i will teach them


I have to admit, I’m a bit saddened to find out that God doesn’t have access to Spell check, but all in all, I feel quite enlightened and honored to have found deity, right on FB.

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