Never before Seen, Post from the Archives

A never before published blog found in the ‘drafts archive’.

Ya see, I’ll get an idea for a blog, start putting it together, life ends up happening, and well… I end up hitting the ‘save draft’ button and then sometimes forget to ever really come back to what I was working on.

I suppose, shit happens.

This is some shit that I wanted to share back around Halloween. Strange things happen when you start mixing traditions and pantheons and practices.

I was astonished to find this particular type of hybrid, I suppose we should really just go ahead and call it, ‘Celtic Vodou’

Now, I’m sure most of you won’t be surprised to find out that this miss matched buffet practice was put together by people who are out to make a buck, and they want you, to buy their products.

This was in fact, an advertised special that the store was running… Please control the giggles until the end.


Samhain Essential Package – $15.00 : The Vodou Store
The Vodou Store Samhain Essential Package – This Samhain Essential Package contains: 1 – Daghdha 7-Day Candle Label 1 – Morríghan 7-Day Candle Label 1 – Witch’s Circle Water 1 – Witch’s Sabbath Incense 1 – Flying Ointment


Now, I’m sure An Daghdha and An Morrigan promptly smacked these people upside the head, but I still feel that this was share worthy. Don’t let yourself be fleeced by those who are out to make a buck, though, browsing the sites will allow you to bust a gut.

~Carp Out

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