Jasmine and the Assclown

Here’s the gist of the story really quick, we were engaged in a discussion over on the FB page. I’m not really sure what the topic was, but, there was fluff flying around, limbs and fur everywhere.

General consensus of those who wandered into the thread during the heat of battle was that ‘You get more flies with honey.” Personally, I don’t think any of us really cared. Well, in walks a self righteous pagan wannabee author, who felt the need to tell us all about her extensive research, her credentials, and then the uber special tag line at the end that she was in the middle of writing a manuscript that would become published in the not too distant future.

The always lovely Jamine, of The Spiritual Mother happened to be there, and she felt the need to respond to the would-be-author in thread about how she’d more than likely never read the book, based on the author’s demeanor in the thread. Well, ‘Lil Miss I’m Gonna Write a Book’ decided to leave the thread in a huff, but, not before sending a message to Jasmine.

I have that letter…

‘Would Be Playgan Author’:
“Wow. I am sorry to hear you won’t read my book because I suggested civility in debate in a public forum. BTW That commentary was not my first on that page. Feel free to check. It was just the first one to suggest that people treat each other better. I believe as Pagans we are one. There are plenty of people in the world who will line up to tell you how much you suck or how you are not good enough. I believe that it is our responsibility to hold each other to a higher standard and thus lift us all up. That’s what I was trying to do. I listed my “resume” because there was a discussion the night before on speaking with authority on a subject. I felt like I had to list those things before I would be heard by Arokk. My mistake. I have left the page and since your comment have removed my comments from that entire thread. I apologize if you were offended.”

Oh, and I also have the message that Jamine sent back in response.

Jasmine: “The reasons I will not be reading your books is as follows:

  • I studied my bachelors in Cultural Anthropology. I do not claim to be an expert by any means, but I do know that a sampling of 400 is not enough to base a conclusion to a social study that tries to encompass a group with such variety as neo-pagans. 4000 would be a start… 40,000 would be better.
  • You claim that the book is about ethics in the neo-pagan setting but you completely disregarded his opinion as invalid and judged him to be lesser. That means your research is biased towards your opinion and therefore your sampling of pagans will also be biased as will your conclusion. I would rather read about a study that was completely neutral and did not have the authors beliefs tied to the conclusion and findings.
  • You never even listened to what Arokk had to say and judged him harshly before he even said anything in the thread.. which by the way.. he never said anything that was unfriendly in the entire conversation at hand. Your behavior was flat out rude to him, regardless if you agree with his opinion or not, and then you played the “civility in debate in a public forum” card… dear pot, you and the kettle are both black, please take note of this. If you judge a person in this fashion in a forum, you will judge people in the research for your book and I have no interest in financially supporting this type of behavior.
  • Deleting your comments from that thread proves one thing to me.. you don’t want people to see how you treated someone and behaved to negatively impact the sales of your book.

Now, as far as I know, Jasmine never did get any other messages, however, I got a message or two that would fall into the complaints dept. Which means, I guess there will have to be another blog. Oh! something for us all to look forward to!

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