So, What is People for the Un-Ethical Treatment of Asshats?

Welcome to People for the Un-Ethical Treatment of Asshats!

Our mission here is to highlight all the fun, fluffy little fucktards and asshats that we come across on a daily basis. You know, the willfully ignorant, those who make outrageous claims, who base their practice off of things they’ve seen on TV, in movies, and garnered from the ever popular Llewellyn books.

Those who refuse to see a difference between fact and UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis).

The Pretendians who will tell you a story, share some info, and then when questioned about it, will turn around and tell you, ‘Oh, I can’t answer that question, it’s oath bound information.”

Other fun names and terminology for the willfully ignorant include, Fluff Bunny, playgan, McWiccan, Glenda the Glitterwitch, Blingers (All trinkets and no substance), IRAB – I read a Book, Wiki-pagans, Twatwaffles, Flufftards, and Wantanabee’s. This list is just a small sampling of some of the terms I’ve run across, I’m sure you’ve heard some others.

This blog is a place where we will showcase the fluff in all their flufftastic glory, make fun of them, roast them over the fire of sarcasm and satire. We hope that in time, you will share your own stories and terms for the almighty fluff.

So please, make yourself comfortable, grab a drink and some popcorn, and enjoy the woefully ignorant as they get bashed and thrashed for your amusement.

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