The Us vs. Them Mentality

Hopefully you remember the previous blog about the discussion that was happening where a woman was making the claim that Christians are burning pagans out of their homes on a fairly regular basis in the southern regions of the US? I thought that I’d share a bit more from the conversation.

While there were a number of us who were asking for source information and news articles, no one was able to provide them for us. The woman making the claims said she’d been a witness to these actions on more than one occasion, though none of the other members of the group had the same experiences. Of course, the group owner did share a personal experience, though I’m not quite sure that it is the same as people or Christians burning Pagan families out of their home.

Group Moronator: I live in Iowa and when I used to go to the local landromat I was approached by two JW’s. I refused to talk to them about the bible. I told them that I wasn’t a believer in christianity. I made the mistake of leaving the laundromat. I was washing colors and jeans only. When I returned someone poured bleach into the washers and ruined my clothes. I didn’t have any bleach to begin with. So you don’t have to live in the south to get harrassed by christian fundies.

While I agree that ruined laundry sucks on an awesome level, I think that yeah it was harassment. By epic assholes, but it was a matter that could have been, and should have been reported. Property damage isn’t cute. But neither is it persecution, Not in my eyes anyway, it’s just a case of people being assholes, and we need to accept that assholes come in every religous flavor imaginable.

Group Moronator: Shea. some of us do try to educate christians about pagan beliefs. And most pagans have to hide thier beliefs because of the christian mentality, in thier eyes it is them versus us. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

BlackBird suggested beating them at their own game, but ‘Turning the other Cheek” Unfortunately, the “perescuted fluff aren’t worried about rising above the asshole behavior exhibited by their Christian Nemesis, but rather, “Fighting Fire with Fire” Screaming persecution from the rooftops, and finally, perpetuating the cycle by maintaining and Us vs Them attitude.

Black Bird Your you could “turn the other cheek.”

Flufferina: Educate mad men? LMAO!!! I take it that you aren’t aware of the extremist right? You haven’t noticed the things taking place under our noses as our rights are disappearing an increment at a time? The religio/political asses have managed to…

Group Moronator: Shae, I would like to know how your last conversation went with a christian that called you a devil worshipper and determined that you are going to hell. Closed minds like that are almost impossible to communicate with. I have tried and I continue to try. I try to follow religious tolerence based on, I will be tolerant of other people’s religious views as long as they are tolerant of mine.

Flufferina: Yes Lala Lynn Davis — you’ve demonstrated that in the utmost of perfection.

Pissy the Persecuted: When you turn the other cheek, as a pagan, you are, in “THEIR” eyes acting like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. I’ve tried for umpteen decades to educate and I get scoffed at, brushed off, treated like vermin,

So, there we have it. A group so hell bent on hating Christians and screaming about perceived persecution that nothing it ever going to change their minds. What bothers me, is that usually people like this become the poster children that the media uses to portray ALL Pagans. I don’t see much acceptance of people under the Pagan Umbrella when asshats like this are the ones ‘educating’ the rest of the world about Pagans.

I’d love to reenact the burning times, and throw these nuts into the fire, maybe if we get rid of them, the voices of the educated who are more open to accepting everyone’s POV, not just the pagans, things will become different.

Here’s to hoping.

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