Witch Please!

Spam, we all know that it’s gonna happen more often than we’d like it to.  I’m actually fighting the urge to sing the ‘Save Ferris’ song now.

On the PaganMystics profile, we have the wall open to those who would like to post there. Generally, we hope to find questions, the occasional ‘Thanks for the Add’ posts, etc. We get a CRAP TON of spam on it.  Usually we point out that this is SPAM, or just quietly delete the post and move on.

Now, what I don’t get is the attitude that some people will throw back in your face when you call them on it, or when you delete their self  promotional bullshit from appearing on your page.

Take for instance, Author Andrea Jones, apparently she’s written a Book called ‘Hook and Jill.’ I couldn’t tell you the Genre, though on her page, it’s explained as a “Grown Up Book” (I think that’s code for porn.)

Now, Ms. Jones, Author extraordinaire, apparently fails at reading comprehension, b/c instead of messaging the PaganMystics page, she decided to post on a Note that was posted about spammers, to make sure we knew that ‘Hook and Jill’ wasn’t spam, that it was ‘Literature’


Anyway I’ve decided to inform everyone that Ms Jones, wants to promote her works, on other people’s pages, and will get down right shitty with you, if you choose not to participate in her promotional endeavors.

I’ve just given her the ‘press coverage’ that she was wanting in the first place. Welcome to the Carp Chronicles Ms Jones, have a seat, I believe you’ll be on our watch list for a while.

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