Armchair Analysis of Dreams?

When will the dippity do, fluff-tastic armchair psychologists put down their freakin’ Dream Interpretation, Psyc. 101 books down and stop focusing their clinical skills on others and turn them on themselves introspectively? I mistakenly thought that tonight was going to be a quiet night, the drama in groups has already passed and then I found something that really got me fired up. 

I look over at my twitter feed, and realize that a friend had blogged. Oh, fun, entertainment, maybe something to think about. So, I go and read it, and I go into full on RAGE Mode. You can read the blog here,  Three More Ways.

So, according to a secret team of analytical douchetards, she is a…

  1. Mystic-in-denial.
  2. Experiencing a “classic shaman calling”
  3. Needs to get with the program or her mental state will deteriorate
  4. Because she serves No specific Deity, she’s fucked
So, I have to ask… What is a ‘Mystic-in-denial’?  I have yet to see or read anything in her blog that signifies that she’s in denial about anything.
Who the fuck can answer what a ‘Classic Shaman Calling’ is? Did they really just go there? Seriously? Is it me, or did everyone fail to remember that the crap ‘S’ word means utterly nothing at all anymore? Do I need to post the definition? Fuck for brains people anyway.
Get with the program or your mental state will deteriorate? Really? Who’s program? I was unaware of there being a fucking magical map that told us where to go, what to do and how to handle everything that the Universe decides to throw in our path. Now I find out that there’s a rule/guide-book out there. I’m sorely disappointed at not receiving my own copy when I decided to start my OWN journey on this path.
Look you fucking morons. If you had any sense in your empty skulls at all, you’d realize, the blog is for the author. A way for her to record things, and be able to put a time/date stamp on them, so that she can look back and track her fucking progress. It’s not some mystical pagan in fucking distress bat signal so that everyone and their Great x4 grandmother can come and psycho-analyze her and tell her what she’s doing wrong, and how she needs to be doing it, by their fucking standards. Assclowns and morons that they are.
And for fucking serious, whoever told her that her mental status was going to deteriorate, You’re damned fucking lucky that she won’t tell me who you are, otherwise, you’d be seriously witchfucked, up the creek, with a paddle shoved up your ass sideways.  That’s a line that should never have been crossed, demented sack of elephant excrement that you are.
Plain and fucking simple, mind your own shit, don’t interfere in the lives of the wyrd ones, you’ll find yourself in mortal danger, and possibly not get away without losing your soul, and you’ll be getting off easily.

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