Catherine, The Dunce

When I got online this morning, I knew that today was going to be a strange day, with different sites blacked out and offline. Then I hopped on FB, and realized that a good number of the people who were freaking out over the blocked out txt people were using as comments in protest to SOPA/PIPA because they thought that people were being censored for protesting, I KNEW today was going to be a day of rampant stupidity.  I was right.

Now a page on FB was sharing the story Pagan mom challenges Bibles in North Carolina school. I’m not going to really comment on the story, as I’m sure most of you have already read it, or heard about it from somewhere else, I want to highlight one fluffballs response to this particular news story.

I’m not even really sure what else I can say about this shot that it doesn’t already say for itself. Though I will comment that someone actually liked it enough to hit the like button.

Gotta keep telling myself, it’s not a big deal, they travel in packs.

Maybe I should also mention, that either people agreed, or just avoiding commenting about what Catherine had to say on the topic.

Thankfully, Shae the Snark Queen took a moment to respond.

Of course, that means that Catherine has to come back. I suppose that when you’re confronted with factual and historical comments, the only thing you can really do is fall back on UPG, and evade the point that was just so recently made.

This is one of those subjects that is going to keep rearing it’s fugly head… Why oh why can’t the flufftards accept that Wicca isn’t ancient? Do we have to keep hearing the same argument and train of thought roll out of their empty heads and through their fact intolerant mouths?

Seriously… I think that has got to be a new medical condition that they all suffer from. Normal people suffer from Lactose Intolerance. The Flufftards suffer from Fact-ose intolerance. Damn, I wonder if the symptoms are similar in any way? Starts to make sense though, if you think about it. Their cloud of noxious gasses are slowly killing off any brain cells that they might have started with.

Which means… They’re only going to become stupider.

Now that’s a skeery thought.

Carp Out!

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