Cut it out

For each and every pagan out there. Please stop posting things like this on your time lines.

All you’re accomplishing is perpetuating the Us vs Them mentality.  You don’t want to be persecuted and preached at? Then stop doing it to Christians.

Ok, we get it, you’re not a Christian, you don’t believe in what is written in the bible and you’re not friends with the Christian God, seriously, he’s ok with that.

But before you decide to post the my god is better than your god shit everywhere, based on shit that comes out of the bible, remember, it’s a book, written by men, and has been re-written numerous times, tweaked to highlight the ideas of whoever was in charge at the time.

Posting shit like this and attacking Christians adds fuel to the fire, and is why most Christians on your friends list think that you’re a godless heathen that needs saving. Don’t want to hear it, then stop starting the drama.

In Short…. You’re all a bunch of Fuckheads, God told me so. Here he is to say it in person.





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