Fluffy Bun Bun and the Copy Righted Content

I’m really starting to wonder if every flufftard assclown rabbit out there believes that it’s ok to copy/paste any content they see fit and share it, under the guise of it being their own work. That seems to be what’s happening today.

You see, I wandered into my group today, to find a post about some douche tard that is posting massive amounts of content that he’s stolen from another blog. Now, we see this all the damned time. The problem here, the guy is posting it, in multiple places, FB profile, FB page and at least one FB group that I’m aware of, and I’m sure a whole lot of other places as well. 

Now, this whole situation with Mr Asstard, Damien Black Raven, was brought to my attention when one of my groups members posted about it. It seems that the blog owner has been told about the stolen content, and is trying to get it taken down, as she’s not even being credited. As far as I can see, this fuckwad hasn’t paid any attention to her.  You can read her thoughts on the matter, in her own blog, found here. “Mess with a Witch – Tempt Fate

So, when I find out that douche boy is posting in FB groups, I figure I’ll wander over and see if the admins are aware of the situation. See, since I run a group, I thought that the right thing to do would be to find the content, post about who it belonged to, and find out if the admins were going to do anything about it. Unfortunately, they’ve told me in no uncertain terms, that they just don’t care what he’s posting, or who it belongs to.












Now, I did post a link and in the process of getting ready to do other things, I didn’t realize there was another discussion happening, with another one of the admins.  You’ll have to forgive me, I don’t have screen shot’s of this, I have copy/pasta.

Melanie Moonstone Clowes
Can not and is not in the fucking mood 4 to newcomers to My group to try and slander our family ! If u dont like it here do one yr not welcome

(Melanie is one of the admins, I DO have a screen shot with a list of them)

Angel: how is it slander? This man has stolen property and passed it off as his own, isn’t that a bad thing?

Cat: OK, it is not slander when you point out that someone has stolen work that is not theirs and claimed it. The true author may very well sue him for copyright infringement. How can you say you adhere to the Rede if you think it is alright to steal from someone?

(It is kinda scary that I’d been thinking that very thing long enough to contact someone to make me the sparkle pic, and then have someone say it aloud…)

Angel: What he’s doing is illegal, and she is taking legal action. That’s not slander, that’s a cold hard fact.

Carla Stratton I hate it that people are still trying to slander here. This group has had enough trouble and was just getting back on its feet. The group is supposed to be here to share experiences/knowledge not back stab each other. If you don’t wan’t others to see you work don’t put it on public view.

I think that douche nugget is just a member, but as you can see, she is quite delusional. 

Angel: Proof: http://witchofforestgrove.com/2012/03/03/mess-with-a-witch-tempt-fate/

Cat: Share their knowledge? Stolen writing? how can you justify that? Were you the writer and someone took your words and claimed them as their own how would you feel?

Angel: ‎Carla Stratton- slander implies that we are lying to harm the reputation of someone, we are PROVING with facts that a member who posted these things has stolen his pieces. That isn’t slander, that’s fact.

Cat:  It’s the same thing as someone walking into your home and helping themselves to your television set.

Angel: All of those pieces he passed off as his own writing, including some artwork, is the work of Sarah Lawless, a successful pagan blogger. He copy/pasted her work, and then took credit for it, how can you defend that sort of “back stabbing”?

Shae: SLANDER:Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly state…See More

(There was more of the def, post. We were all summarily banned before we could get screen shot’s of this) 

Angel: I call on members of this group, including the woman who posted this thread to prove us wrong. Tell us straight out that you have proof that he did not infringe on the copyrights of another (a form of harm) and we will shut up.

Shae: seriously? will you tell SRW who also has works posted within his postings that she should not have published her work what about other sites who have plagiarized Christopher Penczak or Raven Grimassi that they should not have put their work out in public view? all of this is legally protected and if one were to either give credit as to where it was obtained or given a link back, then there would be no issue. Instead it is passed off as original and that is highly unethical

Alison Sleeman Buckley we dont want ANY negativity in this group..melanie is a wonderful person whom i respect n if she says she doesnt want it here,then neither do i…:)

What kind of negativity are we bringing to the group? Oh right! Factual information!!! This too, is just a regular member of the group, but as you can see, they’re not allowed to think for themselves here. 

Barbee Bailey If you want to keep things to yourself then do not put it on the internet, if you do and people copy then it is your own fault….Google have everything that anyone has posted whether they have copyright or not…you want it personal then dont put it on the web…simple

THE FUCK?!!! Ok, seriously… I think this one needs reprogramming. Someone take her pentacle away from her. 

Cat: But…don’t you understand? once her attorney is involved you could lose your page. FaceBook can and has shut down pages that have copyright infringements.

Cat: Now THAT would be negative.

Angel: We aren’t being negative, can’t you see? We’re trying to discuss why plagiarism is going on here because legal action is about to be taken. Can’t you respect our rights to disagree with illegal behavior Alison Sleeman Buckley?


Robert T Fedorchuk If you guys don’t play nice I’ll send you to your parents rooms with no tv or dinner!

Normal wondertard group member, I think he was actually trying to bring some levity to the situation, but it was not helpful. 

Cat: Seeing as how I am probably older than your parents that has no effect on me.

Angel: So… if we disagree in any way or point out illegal activity, we’re not welcome?

John Mutone: who the fuck cares.

John IS one of the Admins. Here you have that same wonderful wit and attitude that you see in the exchange he and I had above. 

Carla Stratton: Angel – Your home is a private place which you open to only certain people understandably. If you don’t want people to see your work don’t put it up on the internet when it can be seen by almost anyone. I am not defending the person who is passing the work off as there own but this group doesn’t need any of this. We all just need to try and get on and help each other rather than picking on each other. Also Melanie is a lovely lady who I respect and deserves to be respected by member of this group.

OK… Seriously? No one has said anything bad about Melanie, I could give a shit how wonderful she is. However, here we have more of that ‘Don’t put it on the net’ if you don’t want to get ripped off attitude. Would it be terrible for me to say that this is the same attitude that ppl use when Slut Shaming and when making generalized evil statements about Rape Victims? 

Shae: you will when her lawyer contacts youj I guess

Melanie Moonstone Clowes:  i removing all the posts ok end off discussion we on the witches of facebook did not no they are being deleted

Big Bad Admin in her big girl panties. 

John Mutone:  did you just come here to make trouble? has damien pissed you off that much that you need to come here and start shit?

It took you this long to figure that out? 

Barbee Bailey: Lawyers !!! what a load of shit

Shae: He is a thief and a liar and yet professes to be something else entirely. all we asked for was for the author to receive credit. Not hard concept to grasp

Angel: No, I came here peacefully and respectfully informed you that stolen content is here and that facebook admins will shut this group down if the copyrighted material is not dealt with.

John Mutone oh so you have a problem personally with him. just leave. or i will ban you.

Asscricket. He’s a fucking asscricket. 

Shae: I dont have personal problem except with thieves and liars

Barbee Bailey Facebook will NOT get involved with copyright …

Keep telling yourself that honey. I seriously do hope that this group gets shut the fuck down because obviously they’re ok with people posting stolen content.

Angel: yes they will if the complaint is valid and provable.

John Mutone i banned her. i had enough

Oh, I’m trembling. Really. I’m. So. Scared. 

John Mutone anyone else wanna get the big 12 inch boot up their ass? keep the shit up?

HAHAHAHAHA! Keep on grandstanding boy-o! I find it fucking hilarious as hell, really.

Barbee Bailey: Anything you say on here or anywhere on the web automatically zoomed everywhere, if you don’t want it copied then dont put it on here

Smile Barbee. You’re on candid camera. Actually, you’re now a star in your own mind, and on PUTA.

Angel: where’s the boot? ‎Barbee Bailey- blogs are copyright protected content, the stolen content came from a copyrighted blog.

Melanie Moonstone Clowes fuck off bitch wrong clan shut us down we will be back

Hmmm… Which clan would be the right one to fuck with? Again. You’re now going to be famous. Any last words?

Barbee Bailey: No you are wrong angel, I copy lots of posts, blogs and pictures, it is in our rights, facebook will do nothing…..if it upsets you then don’t put your stuff on here….geez its so simple

Ohhhh! If only I had a link to these fuckheads personal pages. Oh what a lovely tea party it would be. 

John Mutone its useless, shes gone.

That’s right. We’re gone… We’re all gone…  I’m editing out a chunk here as it has nothing to do with the thread. Just them laughing and taking up space. 

Barbee Bailey Bloody stupid shit, its getting ridiculous on here, I mean facebook not the group, I keep quite usually but when I see some idiot attacking Melaine then I will have my say… Sorry to offend anyone

Again, where in the hell was anyone attacking Melanie? You’re a fuckwit. 

Barbee Bailey Ive seen this happen all over Facebook in different groups, No one has copyright on Facebook if they put anything on here then anyone has the right to copy it, same as anywhere on the web, if they dont want anyone to copy then dont print it..

John Mutone even if its not on here, and its just on the internet. its freekin crazy. 12 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

Barbee Bailey I can’t even go the toilet or facebook tells everyone..lol …so there is not privacy on here or anywhere on the web, Google records everything anyone saids, does or photographs…and to say about copyright…lol they need to get a grip seriously!! 9 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 2

Come on, this is hilarious. They’re fucking delusional. 

So, now we’re at intermission. Not much has happened since the majority of us were booted from the group, then someone sent me a copy/pasta of this.

John Mutone in the end it was NOT a question of wrong or right. it was the presentation and the thought process behind their actions. it could have been dealt with in other ways. like maybe asking us ( the admins ) what we thought and maybe we could have done something. but to tag us all in a post and land blast all of our friend, damien , like that was just out and out disrespect to us ( the admins) and damien.

Oh. I see. The problem isn’t that someone in your group is committing content theft. It’s the way that I addressed the problem. I see. You too, are delusional, you fucking douche tard wind bag. 

It seems that not a whole lot of anything was accomplished on our little journey into douche bag land, however. I do have another screenie to share. This one, is a complete list of ALL The admins from this little group.

See, this is a public service announcement. These people have NO Problem at all with others stealing people’s copyrighted content, so I think it would be in everyone’s best interest to check their friends lists, groups, pages, etc for these individuals. If they can’t see your content, then they can’t steal it.

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