Fuck Heads Who Steal Things… The Saga Continues

I swear… I believe this whole thing is turning into a docudrama. I have more on the Bun Bun who stole copy righted content and the group that defended him and mass banned those of us who were speaking out against it. It seems that one of the admins, Melanie (refer to the other blogs) is now hiding away, not really wanting contact with people. Other than her blanket statement that the group is now closed to all new comers.

Denise Wilson is now her designated spokesperson/mouthpiece.

Hey all ….. I have been talking to a very distressed, low and upset Melanie Moonstone Clowes on the telephone and we have come to this decision. THIS DECISION IS FINAL….IF you wish to discuss the issue that arose in the last 48hrs PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT MEL…..you are to contact ME DIRECTLY through mail and I will explain to you what has been doen and the decision that was reached and why. IF you do NOT want to hear the blunt truth then dont mail me as I will not be pulling any punches about it, the responsibility too 936 members is more than looking out for 1. Be aware that reports HAVE gone in and that behind the scenes steps have been taken to ensure this group is safe BUT also be aware of the other things that the admin team have had to deal with concerning this…..ONCE AGAIN OUR DOORS ARE SHUT TO EVERYONE UNTIL I SAY SO AND THE MAIL CONCERNING THE ISSUE HAS TO COME TO ME.

That is a direct copy/pasta from the group. No, I’m not telling you where I got it from. But, there’s more to the story.

So, ok. The Group is stating that now you have to credit sources, and the rules have been changed, see previous blog. Now, Denise (The Mouth Piece) is posting on The Witch of the Forest Groves FB page.

Really? You’re fucking kidding me right? I really wish that I had access to, or could see the email that had been sent, but as far as I know, FB took care of Damien, not that group. Also, if they were going to handle it, why didn’t they do just that last night when members of PM were bringing it to their attention?

Smells like ass to me. Here are some thoughts from people who were booted last night in regards to how the situation was handled.

There has been no attempt by any of the admins from the Witches of FB group to apologize to any of the people who were banned last night, and accused of slandering their ‘Brother’.


I think Angel sums up how the rest of us feel rather nicely.







Now, to make matters even more interesting, you know Melanie, the admin who’s hiding right now? Miss Melanie, owns and operates a page on FB called ‘Witches Underground.’ Ok, how is this news you might be asking. On this page, she’s got a copy/paste of one of Sarah Lawless’ blogs,I miss spoke, I apologize, the content below is a copy paste of content stolen from this The Village Witch’s blog credited to none other than, Mr Douchetard himself, Damien.

As you can see here, Deborah has called her on the BS. I see no response to Deborah on the thread, though I do see a lil nitwit saying, don’t shut it down, the haters will win.

Really? Are we haters b/c we want the theft of another authors work to stop hating? I don’t think so, but of course, I’ve been known to be wrong.








Now, for your perusal, the content that was stolen, signed with Damien’s name.
How fucking wonderful is that!















There is a lil overlap in the picture, I wasn’t sure when cropping, etc where the first image had left off.













Oh, and since Melanie is being called out onto the carpet about this mess, and her support of Damien, it looks like she’s threatening to, or thinking about… deleting the page.

Really, I don’t think there’s a whole lot more that I can say on the matter, that the screen shots don’t shout loud and clear for everyone looking at them what’s going on here.

I’m wondering if Melanie is going to come out of hiding anytime soon, or if she’s going to continue to hide behind her lying wind bag of a mouth piece Denise. I guess we’ll see.

44 Responses to Fuck Heads Who Steal Things… The Saga Continues

  1. Melinda Blondeaux says:

    Does this Melanie chick not have a set of (metaphorically speaking ofcourse) balls? Im sorry but only a child would elect to have someone do the talking for them instead of addressing it themselves. If you fucked up, man up. period.

    • Ladylala says:

      I agree whole heatedly with that Melinda. Seriously, I can’t believe that she’s gone into hiding on this. Of course, when we discovered her fb page, it made sense.

  2. anon says:

    melanie has medical issues that you and your friends are agrivating and that is why she is in “hiding” as she can not deal with the stress that you have created. and if your friend in the group hasn’t informed you of yet, ALL OF DAMIEN’S POSTS HAVE BEEN DELETED. this constant badgering of members of the witches of facebook group NEEDS TO STOP THIS SECOND

    • Ladylala says:

      Melanie has copy righted content on the page that she admins that hasn’t been removed or credited to the proper source. She brought this upon herself. Let Melanie speak for herself.

    • Ladylala says:

      Also, the members of the group have spoken. Once it’s on the internet, it’s fair game right? I’m not spreading lies or misinformation, I’m sharing screen shots and copy/pasta of what has actually said. That’s not badgering, that’s shedding light on a very clouded topic.

  3. anon says:

    melanie CAN’T speak for herself right now DUE TO THE STRESS that this whole situation has placed on her and the other admins. if you damien betrayed all of our trusts for a long time and everyone is hurt due to his actions. as a member of the group, if you will tell me what postings still remain, i will forward it to the admins so that they can be removed. that is the PROPER way to handle things

    • Ladylala says:

      Sucks to be here I guess. Had we been treated with more respect last night, perhaps I wouldn’t have posted names…of course, as your members stated repeatedly, once it’s on the net, it’s up for grabs. I’m playing by the rules set forth by YOUR GROUP. Deal with it.

  4. anon says:

    the problem was the attitude of the people who were screaming at the admins to remove posts by a close (at the time) friend and doing it publicly instead of going directly to the admins and politely informing them of the copying that was done by damien. even sarah told everyone to BE POLITE in their quest to credit all of her work that was posted by damien

    • Ladylala says:

      Why? Why should it have been conducted behind closed doors? So that Damien could save face? FUCK THAT. He needed to be outed as a thief. Mission accomplished. Now, your group made themselves look like assholes by backing a thief.

  5. anon says:

    that right there was the problem (and still is), your insistance on outing damien. had things been done politely as was called for, the proper steps would have been taken, and all evidence would have been viewed and the proper action would have been taken against the offending party. and no, it wasn’t about allowing damien to “save face”, HE’S BEEN REMOVED FROM THE GROUP over his actions

    • Ladylala says:

      No you stupid twat, FB removed him from the site. Melanie still has content credited to Damien on her page. Your argument is invalid.

  6. anon says:

    look, i’m not calling anyone any names here, there is no reason for you to start. you have already mentioned that certain content on a different page was stolen, LET IT GO

  7. anon says:

    i didn’t come to argue with you or anyone else, i started commenting to ask you and your friends to stop harassing my friends over the actions of one person whom all of you joined our closed group to out as a thief publicly. his actions have been and still are being taken care of, give it time and LET IT GO, let people have a chance to take actions

    • Ladylala says:

      Well, take action. Issue a public apology to Angel, Cat, Shae, and the other members who were banned yesterday. I’m not asking for one for myself, I don’t care what public opinion of me is. But, if that happens, then I’ll make sure ppl know that it’s taken place.

  8. anon says:

    i cannot issue any apologies for other people actions as i wasn’t even aware of the issue until after it had taken place, but i have read the threads that you have “quoted” and i find that your friends actions brought about the admins actions and hence they got themselves booted and your continued badgering of the group and our members isn’t doing you any good and is only fueling the negativity that this whole issue created in the first place, as i have said before, TAKE YOUR CONCERNS TO THE ADMINS OF THE GROUP, don’t join a group just to attack one member as it is clear that you all did

    • Ladylala says:

      Awww, well. See, I’m not harassing anyone, or badgering anyone by posting my blog. It’s not like anyone reads it anyway. It’s not badgering, it’s on the internet, again. Playing by the rules set forth by your group.

      Go see if that content that was stolen can be removed from Miss Melly’s page. My post is the one that started the argument, there shouldn’t be repercussions for people posting to let people know that content was stolen. That’s the problem here, you feel that your admins were right, when clearly they weren’t.

      Nope, I figure, I’m going to keep blogging about the situation until something is fixed, then I’ll post that it’s been resolved. Fair is fair.

  9. anon says:

    i have been asked to help moderate the second page that you were concerned about and i have since removed the post and informed mel that she doesn’t even need to look at it to delete it, i have also replied to Angel’s post on a different thread on the same page if you care to read it yourself

  10. anon says:

    the real problem was that everyone involved in the OPEN PUBLIC SCREAM FEST felt very passionately about what they saw as right, after the admins agreed to look into the matter, you and the others CONTINUED to complain that the offending material wasn’t imediatly removed, THAT is what lead to the removal

    • Ladylala says:

      Actually, I disagree with you. I posted a topic. John MuffinHead responded to it and asked if I had proof or if I was making it up. I responded that I did in fact have proof, and was told, “I don’t fucking care” You’re disrespecting my brother in my house. (Part of that was paraphrased because I’m too lazy to go and find the screen shot.

      The rest of the argument happened when people responded to Melanie. Really, it’s not a matter of how the information was presented, but how it was handled. I’ve seen the removal of the thread from the Underground page, as well as your comment and Melanie’s Comment to Angel.

      As far as UnderGround and Witches of FB are concerned, The group/page are now off my radar. But, I do disagree with some of your thoughts and comments that you’ve made thus far.

  11. anon says:

    go look at witches underground as mel herself has replied to angel as well. all that i will ask is that the matter be dropped now, at least as it concerns both the witches of facebook and the witches underground page/group

  12. anon says:

    you’re allowed to disagree with me, when i’m in a discussion with someone, no matter how i feel about the subject matter, i always try to look at things from the other person’s side as well as my own and then try to work toward a middleground that is agreeable to all parties involved. i also try to word my comments, to the best of my ability, in such a way that hopefully the other side can see where i’m coming from. i’ve read all of your postings in regards to this topic in these groups and i can understand how mel, john, and the other admins felt. at the time, they wanted to believe that damien was being attacked unfoundedly and were ready to back him up 100%. but now that everything has had a chance to settle down some and everyone has calmed, they now see that he had utterly betrayed their trust and friendship. i’m not trying to defend the admins or even trying to villafy you and your friends. but i will agree in the fact that things could have been handled (and should have been, had calmer minds prevailed) differently than the way that they were ON BOTH SIDES.

  13. Willow Moselle says:

    WOW….I am more certain than ever, that while I respect and admire many of the wonderful Witches I have met on the Spaz, Pagan Mystics and FB, I cannot participate in the many groups available. There will always be people like the ones above willing to turn and attack. I don’t know how you do it dear Lady….you are strong and will always be loved by this old friend….many blessings my dear Anastasia….

  14. anon says:

    i would ask that apologies be made to the admins of the group for the villification that has been done to them after the events that are quoted here, but somehow, i don’t see that happening. if one would get to know us when things like this are not happening, one will find that we are a very good group of people.

    • Ladylala says:

      Yeah, that is a two way street really. While you’ve earned some respect for coming over here and having a comment dialog with me, no one else is going to get anything out of me.

      I can publicly post that Melanie has made an apology to Angel for the Banning, but that’s it really. Out of the whole lot of people involved on that side of the fence, we saw the admins gather round and protect the eejit child who had been called to the principles office.

      We were vilified, called trouble makers, accused of slandering people, etc. No, no apology for doing the honorable thing and outing a thief publicly. That’s not who I roll and I doubt that the others involved would feel much differently about the situation.

      Plain and simple, the attitude of, if it’s posted out there, it’s fair game, well… That’s outrageous. Pointing out that outrageous behavior isn’t slander, it’s pointing out to other, watch out, your content might get swiped.

      • anon says:

        this was added to the rules in light of this event

        THANK YOU

        the last sentence of that, “ALL OVERTLY NEGATIVE/ ABUSIVE COMMENTS REGARDING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIAL WILL BE REMOVED ALONG WITH THE PARTIES CONCERNED” explains why you and the others were booted from the group

  15. Willow Moselle says:

    I have been good. And I see you continue to fight the good fight! While I dont often join in, I am always at your side….

  16. Willow Moselle says:

    Oh dear Anon….as a complete outsider, I beg to ask…APOLOGIES FOR WHAT?….being made aware of damiens duplicity? Or mayhap for the awful way they treated those who spoke up about the perpetrator? Or perhaps you mean apologies should come FROM them….in that case I shout hear, hear….otherwise you are pissin on a barnfire…and you ask what is NOT DESERVED!!

  17. Willow Moselle says:

    Enough of my participation. Bless you dear Lady, shall stop in again soon.

  18. anon says:

    until you and the others brought the infringement to the admins attention (afterwhich it should have been dropped) nobody had any reason to doubt that damien had created the content himself. the rule was inacted in an effort to prevent this situation from occuring again.
    and for the record, i’m not a fan of SilverRavenFluff either, and i highly doubt that the other members are either, but i can’t speak for them.

  19. FoolCoyote says:

    Apologize?! We here at PaganMystics would rather drink turpentine and piss on a brush fire! But we do thank you for your crappy threats of astral retribution in our suggestion box marked ‘Fuck off’.

    Fuck you very much

  20. Cat says:

    Oh goodness, yet again more nonsense. Poor Miss M., being a delicate flower, has retired with a case of the vapors. Which of course sets up a classic ‘rush to the special snowflakes defense’ scenario as heat makes her melt.
    As I’m a mean old thing I have two comments to this. One- stop using your health to withdraw to the corner with your thumb in your mouth. If it’s that bad don’t host a page. Seriously. It’s insulting to people who have actual health issues who still manage to get through their days without using them as an excuse to hide from consequences.
    Two- I would suggest that if ones constitution is weak being a witch is not for you. It’s obvious she’s not drawing any strength from her beliefs and practice, and even more obvious that her oh so fragile state will prevent her from ever doing so.

  21. Eric Roberts says:

    I have been following this with great amusement. My wife was involved in a discussion with Damien on his Fb page a while back and I was amazed at the extreme fluffiness of him and his followers. It was quite funny. I jumped in a posted a few retorts before getting banned. Obviously fluff balls are kinda like Republicans…they explode in the presence of the facts and the truth. Much like Coyote and Willow here, I am puzzled at what the admins need apologies for. You guys brought evidence to them that one of their members was plagiarizing material and they essentially told you to go fuck yourselves and that hey would rather continue to kiss Damien’s ass than admit to the truth. I am guessing that LadyLala is correct in her guess that FB folks removed Damien and now the Admins are playing a game of CYA to try and make them look good instead of just doing the right and honorable thing and admit to their mistakes and apologize to the people they insulted and banned as a result of all of this. It’s folks like this that drove me away from the pagan community. I once ran one of the more active temples in the Chicago area. We eventually closed the doors because we couldn’t find any serious seekers to join us. Gods forbid that anyone has to do research and make sure what they are doing makes sense or that they know the actual history of their faith. We seem to have developed our own class of sheeple that would rather be herded and told what to think rather than think for themselves. It is pretty sad how Paganism as a whole has devolved over the past 20 years. Real sad. Keep up the good fight PM!

  22. Eric Roberts says:

    One other thing…WTF is up with this Melanie chick…someone get her a staple…it’s easier to hold her wrist to her forehead. Seriously…is she a teenager or something? Threatening to take her toys and go home like some little spoiled princess? If you want to call yourself a witch…get a fucking clue first. Sheesh…

  23. Dee says:

    Hey all, yup Im the mouthpiece as you so lovingly refer to me as. today i have yet again been dealing with members whom did not know what this whole situation amounted too. YES it is truely out of control and to be honest it is now getting to the stage where we are all screaming at eachother because of ONE PERSONS action. Ok so the group defended him and then prooved out to be in the wrong but they have al realised that he is what he is a plagerising fool. I did post about the acknowledgement of Author yess but that was to make sure that people DID what was only right and to prevent this type of scenario happening again. I have looked through my e mails and have not found one by Angelique at all so i assume it isnt there. I do offer apologies to those who have been and are being kicked out of the group atm because as i can see from your blog (which i might add is great when its not aimed at WOFB and Withes Underground) things are still being drawn out. I have spoken to the lovely Sarah whose work was stolen and asked her to keep in touch and if ANYONE gives her grief to contact as i will remove them from the group as its just not acceptable. I have also asked the group to leave this site alone as it just seems to aggrevate the situation and to be honest the name calling and the arguements should be directed at the one person who has stolen from people work, lied to friends, betrayed trusts and has gone off the radar like the coward he is. We should all be working together to stop plagerism, arguing and such and if any problems occur between us all then please feel free to mail me in the group as you know who i am or just mail me anyway. i do want to work with you guys and NOT be slated for wanting this situation resolved. I have not mouthed of at anyone nor disrespected anyone in anyway. i would also like Angelique to re mail me so i can re address her concerns as i did not recieve her email. This situation is regretable and as i jhave said want to resolve it BUT it does take two sides, surely uniting against the perpatrator is better than against eachother as none of us are at fault. it seems we have all been played of to fight against eachother for one little mans benefit and ego

    • Angel says:

      Well, we were working together to stop plagiarism, but then we were viciously attacked on your group by your admins, told we were lying slanderers and then kicked to the curb. Your group defended the plagiarism AND the thief himself, which is why this rolled out of control, so you can’t possibly be surprised at my being offended (by being told to f*ck myself when I didn’t even stoop to bad language).

      Thank you for addressing your wrongs, not just to the victim in this whole mess, but to those of us who dared to stand up for her legal rights. I don’t regularly call people out in my blog, but your group did not act honorably and had no respect for disagreement. I stand by my remarks about the admins being childish and I appreciate Mel apologizing for her mistreatment of those of us who respectfully disagreed with circulating stolen work. I hope this experience leads to better dialogue between tribes and may this situation rest in peace.

      Graci, Angel

  24. melanie says:

    look i have apologised many times over for being rude and defending someone i thought was my friend …i hold my hands up yes i was in the wrong but he didnt just fool me their are alot of my fellow friends who have been caught up in the cross fire as well ……but this is getting nowhere arguing and name calling we need to come together against other situations like this accruing ….its would be easy for me to try and reply to some of the above comments but im not going carry this on this needs to stop…..

  25. Ladylala says:

    This comment is to all who have stopped by in the last few hours to leave their comments.

    It seems that apologies have been made, some heartfelt, some, not so much.

    How would you all suggest that we move on from this point in our interaction?

    Now, I can drop the issue and not speak of it again, or I can post a new blog and point out that the majority of those involved with shielding the ass wagon damien have done the right thing and removed the copy righted content.

  26. Angel says:

    I say let them fly. of all the admins, only John Minion doesn’t think they did anything wrong, and so, the saga ends.

  27. FoolCoyote says:

    @ Melanie, I will give you a word of advise on the administration of groups and other forums. Anytime the need comes up for a mass banning of members, then it is time to back up and consider the problem may well be yours.

    I ran PaganMystics a long time, myspace groups, a facebook group, and never once have I had to ban more than one or two members at once.

    Using the ban button to make your point is simply infantile and begs to birth many new blogs on you.

    There it is, take it or leave it.

  28. LadyMo says:

    It’s simple really – people who can stand the heat should never ever step into the kitchen!

    Those that do usually know the recipe, as well as how to put a chip fan fire out…