Fuck Heads Who Steal Things… The Saga Continues

I swear… I believe this whole thing is turning into a docudrama. I have more on the Bun Bun who stole copy righted content and the group that defended him and mass banned those of us who were speaking out against it. It seems that one of the admins, Melanie (refer to the other blogs) is now hiding away, not really wanting contact with people. Other than her blanket statement that the group is now closed to all new comers.

Denise Wilson is now her designated spokesperson/mouthpiece.

Hey all ….. I have been talking to a very distressed, low and upset Melanie Moonstone Clowes on the telephone and we have come to this decision. THIS DECISION IS FINAL….IF you wish to discuss the issue that arose in the last 48hrs PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT MEL…..you are to contact ME DIRECTLY through mail and I will explain to you what has been doen and the decision that was reached and why. IF you do NOT want to hear the blunt truth then dont mail me as I will not be pulling any punches about it, the responsibility too 936 members is more than looking out for 1. Be aware that reports HAVE gone in and that behind the scenes steps have been taken to ensure this group is safe BUT also be aware of the other things that the admin team have had to deal with concerning this…..ONCE AGAIN OUR DOORS ARE SHUT TO EVERYONE UNTIL I SAY SO AND THE MAIL CONCERNING THE ISSUE HAS TO COME TO ME.

That is a direct copy/pasta from the group. No, I’m not telling you where I got it from. But, there’s more to the story.

So, ok. The Group is stating that now you have to credit sources, and the rules have been changed, see previous blog. Now, Denise (The Mouth Piece) is posting on The Witch of the Forest Groves FB page.

Really? You’re fucking kidding me right? I really wish that I had access to, or could see the email that had been sent, but as far as I know, FB took care of Damien, not that group. Also, if they were going to handle it, why didn’t they do just that last night when members of PM were bringing it to their attention?

Smells like ass to me. Here are some thoughts from people who were booted last night in regards to how the situation was handled.

There has been no attempt by any of the admins from the Witches of FB group to apologize to any of the people who were banned last night, and accused of slandering their ‘Brother’.


I think Angel sums up how the rest of us feel rather nicely.







Now, to make matters even more interesting, you know Melanie, the admin who’s hiding right now? Miss Melanie, owns and operates a page on FB called ‘Witches Underground.’ Ok, how is this news you might be asking. On this page, she’s got a copy/paste of one of Sarah Lawless’ blogs,I miss spoke, I apologize, the content below is a copy paste of content stolen from this The Village Witch’s blog credited to none other than, Mr Douchetard himself, Damien.

As you can see here, Deborah has called her on the BS. I see no response to Deborah on the thread, though I do see a lil nitwit saying, don’t shut it down, the haters will win.

Really? Are we haters b/c we want the theft of another authors work to stop hating? I don’t think so, but of course, I’ve been known to be wrong.








Now, for your perusal, the content that was stolen, signed with Damien’s name.
How fucking wonderful is that!















There is a lil overlap in the picture, I wasn’t sure when cropping, etc where the first image had left off.













Oh, and since Melanie is being called out onto the carpet about this mess, and her support of Damien, it looks like she’s threatening to, or thinking about… deleting the page.

Really, I don’t think there’s a whole lot more that I can say on the matter, that the screen shots don’t shout loud and clear for everyone looking at them what’s going on here.

I’m wondering if Melanie is going to come out of hiding anytime soon, or if she’s going to continue to hide behind her lying wind bag of a mouth piece Denise. I guess we’ll see.

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