Full On Nancy, Derpy Bird

Waves at everyone. For those of you who are just tuning in, I’ve been working on a series of blogs, you could call it a ‘mini series’ or a ‘bloggie-novella’ where I tell the story of a rather angry bird. When I say ‘Angry Bird’ I’m not referring to those epicly cute technicolor bird brains that you have to launch at structures with an Epic Bird Slingshot.

I have to admit, that after running two parts, I wasn’t sure where I was going to go for the third, but I knew that it needed another installment, to tie things together with a pretty little bow. I’d considered laying out a little of the research that I’d done on the site that Rain Dove contacted me about, and some of the responses I’d gotten to the earlier blogs, with comments about the situation. I guess the Universe decided that was a lil Anti-Climactic and lack luster, because I woke up to a slew of comments on ‘B for Bundetta’ from the Angry Bird herself!

(I have to admit, I kinda love it when the blogs just….write themselves.)

But I woke up to a special treat. There are 7 comments to the ‘B for Bunndetta Blog’ that I will share below. There are also screen shots from the thread that I posted on Kardia Zoe’s page on FB. If you remember, that’s what RainDove threw a fit about me getting chummy with people. If you’re interested, it’s here.

So, I guess it’s time to get this show on the road!

Remember, these blog comments are coming from the Bundetta Blog.


February 11, 2012 at 8:23 am (Edit)
Twisting words .. is what you seem to do best. Everything you have commented to in response to my posts … is all taken and twisted what I’ve said. You are so full of CRAP .. and anyone who knows me, knows my training and knows FULL WELL .. this is NOT ALL THERE IS TO IT. Are you so stupid that you don’t? No one said anything about not having to pay consequences. If YOU knew anything about the training of WICCA .. you would ALSO KNOW THIS. Moron.
Gee… That was nice.
Suzy Smith says:
February 11, 2012 at 8:20 am (Edit)
Wow, thank you so much for your *input*. And while I respect your so called “opinion” .. and of course, we all know what opinions are like, right? But while I respect your opinion LOOPY LISA … it is how I was taught. If you don’t like it, tough titty said the kitty. Go teach your own way of Wicca and leave me to teaching mine. I am a Celtic Priestess .. and contrary to what you like or don’t like about my methods, they are what they are. Are you saying its YOUR WAY THEN?? These beliefs I have pointed out are ACROSS THE BOARD in almost EVERY WICCAN TRADITION. And honestly .are you kidding me? THE CELTS WERE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH BECAUSE THEY KNEW THEY RETURNED … THIS, MY DEAR .. IS REINCARNATION , IT IS REBIRTH. Get freaking real. But hey , thanks for the publicity .. I could use it. Honestly, I do believe that you folks think you are the only ones who are right and just an FYI for you with your LONG WINDED DIATRIBE … it seems quite funny how important I’ve become to you … and how you’ve had to pay so much attention to me … I must be a real threat .. and I also hear , see and FEEL .. a tinge of jealousy. Go find yourself a toy. Maybe a spin top would keep that mind of yours from being so idle and stagnant. After all , you are a child. Toys should be right up your alley. AGAIN , thanks for the plug.
Rain Dove
LOL… I’M A CELTIC PRIESTESS! oh gods…. too damned funny. Also, wow… the celts and their views on reincarnation… LOLOL… I wonder what my RECONS will say about that one!
February 11, 2012 at 8:43 am (Edit)
<<<>>> You are dead wrong. And btw ..I don’t TEACH TRADITIONAL WICCA. I teach CELTIC WICCA. There *is* a difference. And IN YOUR TEACHING OF WICCA .. you may not teach about the “after life” .. but WE DO in Celtic Wicca. The Celts were not afraid of death, because they KNEW everything returned …and without my having to go into alot of detail .. ((and… if you had any SENSE about you when it comes to CELTIC WICCA, which you do not.. and is SOOO very obvious that you don’t)) .. if you knew anything about the teachings of Celtic Wicca, you would KNOW THAT. But you are not Celtic. So why are you here trying to TELL ME about MY TRADITION? If you want to teach, then go teach. I don’t think you are capable , actually. It seems you’re too busy trying to tell everyone else that IS teaching .. how wrong they are. So who is it .. that thinks everything should be THEIR WAY???? ME.. OR YOU? I do believe you have THAT ONE .. a bit backwards .Loopy Lisa.
<<<>> UNFORTUNATELY, it is quite obvious ONCE AGAIN .. how dumb you really are. Are you saying that you do not know what the word DOGMA means?. Dogma is a SET OF BELIEFS. And sorry , but Wicca has a SET OF BELIEFS.
First and foremost , IT IS NOT A WORD THAT IS MADE UP. That word was passed down to me in an explanation from someone that I trust and respect in Celtic Wicca. Someone who is an ELDER in our community .. WAY MUCH MORE KNOWLEDGABLE THAN YOU. Take my word for it.
<<<>>> Wicca is a religion and YES , we *do* believe. And yes, we HAVE core beliefs that are pretty much THE SAME .. across the board. Why don’t you stick to what you know best? Which is peasantry mysticism .. isn’t that what you call yourself? So I suppose you made up THAT word ? Hmm.. never heard of Paganmysticism …something YOU made up , I suppose? LAME …LAME LAME LAME. Its just a disguise to hide behind that nasty, hateful , vindictive mouth and mind of yours. Instead of attacking people .. OF COURSE YOU’LL BE NEXT TO BE TAKEN DOWN OFF OF FACEBOOK .. but why don’t you grow up .. and learn how to do something constructive for the community .. instead of attacking everyone in it? Just in case you don’t know … WE DONT’ TEACH FLUFF .. so get off of our back … and find someone who cares what you have to say.
Wait a minute, Wicca is Celtic? Oh FUCK ME! I’m a BAD CELT! hahahahahahaha!!!! For those of you in the peanut gallery, Wicca really isn’t celtic.
February 11, 2012 at 8:50 am (Edit)
BTW … rule 35 is for breaking oaths .. and if someone breaks an oath . THEY BELONG WITH THE CHRISTIANS .. most Wiccans do not believe in any hell .. that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in REPERCUSSION .. OR CONSEQUENCES. Again, you are twisting words.If you had any sense whatsoever .. I MEAN WHATSOEVER .. it would quite adult of you .. to talk with me and find out what I mean .. before jumping to conclusions about what I mean and than making your OWN determinations about what it is I am saying. It is very apparent that you do not. So my advice to you .. is to find out your facts .. before you post something about what I’ve said. Of course, seeing how you are NOT an adult ,I guess acting like one is totally out of the question. Well, this just figures. And is EXACTLY WHY .. I have blocked you on my facebook account. You are a smart ass .. a know it all … and have literally found me threatening in some kind of way .. which I find hilarious .. because what you are doing is not doing a thing but helping me. People who know me, Loopy Lisa .. know better than anything YOU could possibly say. Go get a life. A real life.
Dude! Seriously, will someone find me this list of Rules? OH Gods… I can’t Breathe!
February 11, 2012 at 8:55 am (Edit)
Oh .. and one more thing .. which will be my LAST thing I have to say to the likes of you .. THE WICCA .. presented on KARDIA’S PAGE .. is NOT WICCA. And I am not saying that MY GROUP is BETTER THAN HERS .. I did , in fact .. TELL OTHERS WHO ARE SEEKING WICCA .. to find themselves someone WHO DOES teach WICCA .. if they did not come to our group. I don’t care where they go .. BUT KARDIA IS NOT TEACHING WICCA. She is ecclectic .. and that is NOT WICCA .. she is not teaching WICCA .. she is teaching MONOTHEISM … she is not teaching Wicca .. SHE IS TEACHING how to put the Goddess back IN A BOX .. WITH THE GOD ..TURNING THEM INTO ONE .. Sorry , but once the big bang happened,. THERE WAS NO MORE ONE. The God and Goddess are independent of one another. They are not together .. as one. And again, if you knew what YOU were talking about, you would also know that. Gods, next time, just mkae things easier for yourself … and get your facts first. You have just made a total fool out of yourself.
If that was the LAST THING she was going to say…. why is there another comment?
February 11, 2012 at 8:58 am (Edit)
I just hope those people over there find SOMEONE .. and SOME PLACE .. besides THAT ONE .. to learn Wicca. I don’t CARE if they come to ME or not… again, you’ve jumped to conclusions .. and made judgements and determinations about what I’m saying .. when you haven’t even SPOKEN to me. You are one real dull knife in the drawer.
Oh Lord…. This whole damned Trilogy is too fucking funny!
Now, there is an update. Rain Dove decided to Unblock me and attack over on Kardia Zoe’s Page… And Yes, I do have screen shots. I’ll share them with you tomorrow because I’m a little preoccupied with other things.
Guess we’re gonna break the sequel rule and go for a fourth!

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