Ketchup and Oracles

Time to play with ketchup! Woo hooo! Make a mess! No, seriously, it really is time to play catch-up. I’ve decided that I might as well go ahead and do the Pagan Blog Project, as it will keep me in check for at least one post a week. Yay!

Now really, don’t be sad. There will be other, topics during the week, where your’s truly will skewer the fluff and roast them over an open flame, think of it as, bonus lala blogs. When inspiration fails to hit, there will still be something popping up each week.

So, on the ‘D’. My alphabet soup name for this post is, ‘D’ is for Divination.

The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

Now, my favorite methods of divining involve one of my animal oracle decks, or, my own brand of divination, divine inspiration, I simply call it, ‘The Oracle’. You see, ‘The Oracle’ is just about any source of music, set on random and listened to by me. I’m sure most of you have been thinking of a song, turned on a radio, and that song starts playing. It’s kinda like that… on crack.

The oracle answers random questions that I have, trolls myself and friends while we’re having conversations, answers them when we decide to challenge it and actually ask a question. Now, I’m sure that 99.5% of you are reading along, ready to call BULLSHIT on this post. I know, if I wasn’t the one writing it, I’d probably think the same thing.

All I can say is, at some point you have to allow for a little bit of UPG, and go with the flow. I challenge you all to try it in the future, go ahead, turn on the radio, or your favorite music playing device, set it to random, think of a question and wait. You might be surprised to find that you have an oracle at your finger tips.


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