People and Privilege?

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Ahhh, the slacktivists are on a tear about a new cause/event out there. Actually, I would really like to endorse the event because I would love to support the idea and the intention behind it. But, there are some issues, as with any cause that pops up and so while I want to support it, I know that there are others who are wary of it, and I’m just kinda watching the fireworks that are attached to it at this point.

Like I said, I think it’s a good cause, in theory. I want to support it, I even shared the link in a few groups. Of course, as the cause gains momentum, I’m left sitting on the side line thinking, this is going to end badly. Why? Because there is a bigger picture involved, one that does have a little to do with color. But, I don’t want to paint the cause in a negative light, so I’m going to be intentionally vague about it, and I am anonymizing the screenies. Safety purposes and such.

Now yeah, I’m going to be vague about the event, but I will say that it has to do with veiling. No, it’s not something that I actively do, but I feel that anyone ANYONE who chooses to do so, they should be allowed to. If you guys want something more in-depth about veiling, check out Morgan’s blog, The Magic of the Hair and the Head she’s says it all a whole lot better and more intelligently than I ever could.

So as this cause gains attention and momentum, I start to wonder about a few things, like oh… is there anyway that people will be able to say that this event is promoting cultural appropriation, etc. I have to say, that there are a number of bloggers that I follow on tumblr who have made me a bit more AWARE of things in the world. You’re all bad influences, you know who you are. (I’m kidding, don’t skin me alive.) But, I’ll admit, I don’t know a whole lot of people who veil, and those who do that I’m aware of usually do so for specific religious or cultural reasons, but I’m not seeing them as being involved when I look at the demographic of people who are supporting and or attending this event… Oh, this could be problematic right?

Ask around in the community that I’m active in. Turns out that there are some people who are hesitant in becoming involved in this because they don’t want to be the token anything linked to this event. Oh, yeah…This isn’t good at all. Discussions follow, is there anything that can be done? Have you voiced your opinion? Etc. No one wants to say anything about it. How does one even broach the subject without deterring the event, or hurting the people who are involved in putting it together? Well, sitting back and keeping quiet isn’t doing a whole hell of a lot of good either.

Guess it’s time to ask questions.

Now, I did my best to word the question as evenly as I knew how. I hope that I did alright.

Of course, this pissed off a very large group of people in a very short span of time. The screen shots that follow have been made anonymous to protect the identity of those involved.

I was a little bit shocked when I read the first response but then I felt glad that I’d at least asked the question.

I do believe there have been a few more responses that have been made post screen shots, but I really think there are ample pictures in this blog and of this conversation, that at this point, I almost wish never happened. Of course, at the same time I guess I can honestly say that it was a learning experience for me. I got to be reminded of just how small minded some people are, I got to see some glowing examples of white privilege in action, I got to see that maybe there is a little bit of hope for humanity because there were a handful of participants who didn’t act like blooming fucking idiots.

All I can say is that people are asshats. I hope that some learn from what happened, but I am doubtful that will happen any time soon, they were too busy feeling victimized against for me calling people white. I guess someone is going to have to teach me how to be lest racist and more politically correct.

Lastly, I hope that I didn’t offend anyone with this blog, I really wasn’t intending to do so with this particular subject. Next blog of course, I hope I offend everyone.

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