Smurf-o-phile seeks help in Pagan group

Insert catchy sentence here to entice you to read the blog. Seriously, if you’ve been following along this long,  you know that you’re going to click the read more link so that you can see the pics of the screen shots from this one.

So, since a picture tells the story. Here ya go…


This is the opening of the thread in question.

I’ve added a snarky response to start things off. The funny part is, the OP actually laughs at what I have to say, a discussion follows. It may or may not have been helpful. Now, enter in someone who asks a question.

Donna is Donna. We expect this.

<- OP responds. Now, my smurf comment didn’t piss her off, but this did.



The reference here to sleep walking was in response to a post that one of the admins made. Given the original question it actually makes sense that sleepwalking might be happening, but that’s TOO MUNDANE for Amber.

See,  she’s a REAL Witch.


Now, I guess we don’t know how to treat REAL WITCHES and Amber doesn’t want to play in her original topic, she makes a new one.


Oh Fuck, we’re in trouble now… Oh wait, I am an admin.

She never responds.


Instead… We get a brand new thread! Woo Hoo and stuff!





Now, I’m not quite sure what was said that could have been reported. The only post I can think of would be where Donna asks if she’s on medication. A valid question in my POV if you really want to know. Or perhaps the response where a sleep specialist actually tells her that she might be sleepwalking or suffering from some other sleep disorder. I don’t know, but I guess we pissed off a REAL Witch anyway. Too bad, so sad…

Let’s make popcorn!

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