St Patrick’s Day is Evil! OMG! WTF!

St Patrick’s Day is EVIL! LMFAO! OK, seriously, I don’t think it is, but it looks like the causes, and the events are already popping up on FB. Someone linked this one to the group so that it would be sure to catch our eye.

Yep, St. Patrick slaughtered the Druids, that’s why they all disappeared. He was an evil, evil Christian, no pagan in their right mind should observe/celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

(Scuse me while I go beat my head against the wall.)

Oh, but it’s great to see that the ‘Oh woe is me, persecution complex’ is alive and well on FB. My fluff allergy is stirred up, I can’t stop sneezing.

2 Responses to St Patrick’s Day is Evil! OMG! WTF!

  1. MissAnn says:

    I first heard of this last year, in a post by someone on Patheos. When I started asking around, it would seem most of my friends had heard this story. From the Ceremonial types to the fluffies, every one of them was amazed I had never heard of this.

    I thought it was odd, because I was raised Catholic. They weren’t subtle in anything that had to do with Saints who converted the natives. So I took the snakes=druids with a grain of salt. I wanted some proof, but no one could provide me with any.

    That said, the people who believe this story should love Valentine’s Day. A priest who was beaten and beheaded by the pagans on February 14. That’ll show him for the stories that he tried to convert an emperor! But instead, I’m sure someone will come up with some reason why that day is pure evil too.