When it rains, it pours

Earlier tonight, or yesterday (I haven’t slept yet, but you might have) I posted about the Boo Hoo gang.  You know, the people who want to post a thread about leaving, wait until they know you’ve seen it, and then make a grand exit.

Apparently when it rains, it pours. We had two throw fits and leave today. They posted their own goodbye threads, and now it seems, more attention seeking fluff are taking this as their opportunity to take their balls, or lack of balls, have a fit and make sure that we know, that they’re leaving too.

I know, I know… I’m evil, I lack compassion and I like to eat fluffy bunnies. I’m a BAD Pagan.

But, I brought a shiny for you all.

You might recognize the shot, it’s included in the previous blog.

Now, see Crystal… Evidently, she’s unhappy with the group as well, and she makes sure to post that, and then stick around until she knows someone, (In this case me) has seen her post.

Now that she know’s we’ve seen it, she’s making sure that we all know that she’s leaving.

I suppose I can take the time and repeat myself. I do think that it is epicly, wildly, incredibly hilarious that while Crystal wants to call us pathetic and full of crap, instead of leaving quietly, she makes sure that WE ALL KNOW about her departure.

After my blog post earlier, a mini discussion took place on my page, a friend has suggested that this method of leaving is because “if you leave a group and don’t tell folks 1) they will ask you anyway so you may as well tell them or 2) no one will notice they are gone and that just isn’t right!” -Robert

I think he’s onto something with that assessment. Their worlds would fall apart if they couldn’t make sure that everyone knew they were leaving. Now, my new question… Is this the new trend for “Pagan Persecution”?  I wonder if they’re going to start shouting about the burning times again when they leave from now on?

I know, they just don’t feel comfortable around us. We’re bad pagans, we don’t follow the rule of three, have rainbows of love and light shooting from our asses and run around saying Blessed Be every 3 seconds… I get nauseous every time I ever even think of acting like that.

Oh well, it’s carp, it always will be.

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