Confuddled Fuzzy

Cruelty to animals and Halfwits is sometimes frowned upon. Eating a fluffy soul is one thing, rolling on the floor laughing at them is also a fun past time. Just a chance to sit back, relax and giggle your ass off at some of the things that they say. You don’t really have to step in, because they do such a perfect job of proving their flufftardism all by themselves.

Here’s a great example.


“Yea, i work with greek and celtic. However, Apollo is my God. Whom i find comfert in ”

“What type of pagan are you? I am a Celtic Tribal Mage! I practice high magick”

“Mainly i am working with Apollo, Cernunos, and Ceridwen, but i also work with Dragons and Ancestoral Spirits! ”

“The reason why i ask is becouse when people claim to be a witch they most likly saying they are wiccan, however i only met one tradtional witch (a pre wiccan tradtion)”

“Again my craft mixes druidry with celtic shamanism and dragon magick”


Now, after reading all that can you honestly tell me you aren’t giggling right now? If you got a good laugh out of this post, you’re most welcome. Ahhh, Fluffy Fluffy people who are full of carp and don’t know which way is up, down or sideways.

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