More Spam

It just seems to sneak right up on you. If it’s pagan/metaphysical, does that make it any less spam-tastic?

There is a growing trend, an epidemic on FB which allows people who barely know you, friend collectors and the like to add you to groups without prior knowledge or consent. If being added to every Pagan Flavored group under the sun wasn’t bad enough, now the Pagan/Esoteric shops are jumping on board with it.

Now in addition to being added to Fluffy Unicorns, Sparklepires United, etc. You get added to groups that want you to buy their wares. Just yesterday I was added to ‘Little Zen Shop Mystical Gifts & Charms’
Welcome to Little Zen Shop Mystical Gifts & Charms
We sell a range of interesting mystical gifts, including, Feng Shui Charms, Wiccan and Pagan theme symbols and gifts, pentagrams, triquetras, small witches brooms, Fairies, Dragons, spell bottles & potions with charms, hand made medievil scrolls, auspicious animals, protective and lucky charms, gothic, and Tibetan Goods.


What do I find on this ‘Group’ page? Links to their store, lists of crap that they’re selling, and a hundred fluffy bunnies happily dancing from foot to foot exclaiming, “Thanks so much for adding me to your group!”  My stomach turned. Where was the outrage of having been added without permission? Not only that, but, it seemed to me that these people were all TOO STUPID to realize that they were being SPAMMED.

You were pulled into a group, so that someone could ‘sell you on their products’ and, you’re happy about it? WTF? Are they oblivious, or just totally into it because their main purpose on this social networking site is to collect as many ‘pagan’ flavored friends, authors and shops that they can to make themselves feel better, or more secure about their choice of path?

It boggles my mind, it hurts my head, and it makes me want to scream.

No More Adds to Groups without Invites. OR I’ll eat your souls!

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