Friend Collectors, The Rage of lala

If you’re on a social network, you’ve run into at least one of these. While not necessarily ‘Fluff’ they do fall into the ‘Asshat’ category. You see, I’ve decided that they are very much like Social Network Leeches.

Now while I do TRY to stay away from the ‘Friend Collectors’ they can and do slip through the cracks. I’m the co-creator of a Pagan Community, we utilize FB to get the word out about that community and have some pretty good discussions over on the PM profile over there. People want to friend me on my personal profile, and the ones who are of a less fluffy variety, will usually get added.

One of these friend collectors really pissed me the fuck off tonight.

You see, I do find cute funny pictures on the net, if I like it enough, I’ll go and share it on my profile. Now, while I’ll joke with my friends when they steal a picture, (You know who you are.) it’s really not that big of a deal. People see shit they like, they snag it for themselves. No problem, that’s how I found it in the first place.

What I don’t like, and appreciate even less, is the fact that I found a rather adorable picture today, decided to post it on FB, and went through the trouble of tagging myself and the mule in it. (Cause it was a cute picture.) This fucktard asshat skank bitch not only decided to steal this pic, but instead of outright stealing it, she tagged herself in it. Now… I’m sorry, that’s a boundary issue for me. What I thought was a cute picture, that I tagged myself and my mulish other half in was and should have been a joke for US. If the bitch liked the picture, she could have stolen it, or even SHARED it. But to tag herself in it?

I’m pissy, and I’m very territorial, and I’m sorry if this seems like I have issues, but I feel like it’s a case of some random broad wandering over and inserting herself on the couch with me and the butthead while we’re cuddling. I don’t share my toys, I’m territorial, I bite and now, I’m in the mood to rip the head off of something fuzzy. Problem is, it’s 2:30 in the morning, and so most of the fluff are asleep.

I’m tired of the friend collectors, of the insta pagan, hell insta everything society that we live in. Where everyone seems to think that they’re entitled to everything, even marring something that I would have liked to have kept between myself, a mule and our circle of friends.

Thanks alot you stupid bitch for making me growley on an otherwise, perfectly nice, quiet evening. I hope that I get a chance to rip your fluffy lil head off your fucking shoulders sometime soon.

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