Eerily Familiar

Everyone ready for a new blog? So, usually people come together and share some pretty interesting and sometimes off the wall stuff in their groups, sometimes they ask for help. This is a call for help that I ran across the other day. I’ll name this one ‘Starlight Sparkles’

Starlight: I have a favor to ask of anyone who wishes to help me. I am battling something and I need as much positive engergy as i can get…any suggestions?

A member asks for more information at this point.

Starlight: im up against energies I thought I got rid of months ago…its hard to explain, and a long story. when i was 5 years old, and I dont know what caused it…my mother is wiccan…she has been all my life. this energy used to be hers, but it left her and came to me

The same ‘helpful pagan’ continues to ask for clarification and more information.

Starlight: yes it used to bother her but its been 31 years that i have delt with it now

Helpful pagan: Does your mother know where it came from?

Starlight: she said she got it from her sister. my mother is not sure, she said that her mothers sister had it before my aunt, and thinks it came from someone else before her, but she is not sure who

The ‘helpful pagan’ continues to talk to Starlight about the matter, trying to dig further, while at the same time gathering more information.

Starlight: the witch has been in our family for longer than I know of…the lineage is long. so, if it came from something malice I wouldnt know…the orgine I am not sure of either…this enegry comes into my dreams, like my mother and everyone before me, i speak other languages in my sleep, I will have to find the recordings, or my mother, and she also has recorded conversations with me, when i was 5 and in different parts of my life. it shows its self in mirrors and anything that can reflect…it does other things too

Now, how many of you are laughing your asses off at this point like I was and am again now? Has no one else seen the comparison between Starlight’s story, and Anne Rice’s series on the ‘Mayfair Witches’? Or, between ‘Lasher’ and her malicious entity that has been harassing the female members of her family? Of course, if I point this out, I’ll be banned from the group, then what stories would I have to report back to all of you?

I still the think Starlight is full of carp and seeking attention, but you make up your own mind on that one.

Anne Rice book on witches…..

(Mayfair Witches.

ahhh… second part of other note is about this post,not the demony witch one.

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