He has the Sixth Sense

I’m starting to wonder if the people I run across are way too influenced by what they’re seeing on TV, in movies and what you can find in some fictional books, or if they’re really just spreading bullshit in an attempt to feel special. I wanted to say that they’re watching too much tv, or reading too much, but then, reading is a GOOD thing that far too many people no longer do.

The issue is, popular fiction, Llewellyn and Television paint this really interesting picture where all the witches/pagans can make themselves beautiful, powerful and Oh So Interesting! I can understand the need for attention, friends will tell you that I’m an attention whore, they’re absolutely right. However, I am an attention whore who has a firm grasp of reality and doesn’t need to make up my reality as I go along to garner more attention. I’m random enough and such a Social Butterfly, people love me naturally.

Yes, I’m full of myself, did you just figure that out?

Well, here’s a bit of attention whoring that I found in ‘The Mutual Adoration Society’

“I am a Green Witch as well as a praticing Buddist of the White Lotus, I am an empath and read cards as well as make spells and sachets for friends, I charge for nothing and am friends with the local Witchcraft shop, ‘Witchypoo’s Palace’-great place!!! Do to my phychic abiities and my son’s we keep a low profile but, are willing to help anyone who needs it. my son is 6 and has the ability to see those who have just passed on.”

Really? I understand your need and desire to be the center of attention in fluffy whackadoo town, but why in God/des’ name are you pulling your 6-year-old into the madness with you?

It’s not just this flufftard doing it either. I see parents all the time, my child is (fill in the blank) yrs old, and has the natural ability to talk to dead people/raise a cone of power/see your aura/speak to the angel’s etc. Most of these kids are having these ideals thrust upon them when they’d much rather be watching Spongebob and playing in the mud. But they’re being subjected to mommy’s loony tunes world of craziness, herbs, making poppets, hanging out at the witchy store and ‘HELPING’ every crazy assed nut bag pagan that walks through the door at mommy’s house to speak to Dead Aunt Sue who just passed over last week.

Get a Life, and please, give your kid a normal childhood.

(Store name changed to protect the establishment.)

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