Fluffy Fridays and other Twitter Related News

Yesterday, it was suggested that I be put in charge of #FluffyFridays. Sure I know it was probably a joke, but I’m actually considering the possibility of following through with it. I do think it would be fun, and I’m sure I can find a few fluff-isms on Twitter.

The Problem is, I’m not sure how I want to go about doing it. Do I want to post the fluffy statement anonymously, or do I want to do more of an old school retweet with it and add the tag at the end? Something for me to think about, also if I’m going to undertake the project, I’d like to be sure that I can actually follow through and deliver the fluff.


Oh, and here’s a snippet that I found on the help/TOS from Twitter. So, I think I’ll be fine if I do decide to retweet.

Reporting Abusive Behavior
Offensive Content

Everyone has different levels of sensitivity towards content. What may be shocking to one may be fine or acceptable to another. Twitter does not pre-screen content and we do not remove potentially offensive content.
If there is something that you don’t agree with, or find insulting, it’s best to not look at it at all. Please see above for tools you have to block offensive users from your Twitter timeline.

It’s been suggested that I start doing a Fluffy Fridays/etc days of the week thing on Twitter. Anyone have any suggestions on the matter?

WOuld you follow and are you interested?

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