Welcome to Fluffy Friday!

The concept of FluffyFriday was suggested to me by the Great and Powerful Oz. Don’t believe me? Ok, Fern gave me the idea. I and wanted to do it on Twitter, problem is, if you tweet this nonsense, people think you’re the nut job that came up with it. Now, I’m fine with being considered a nut job, but not a fluffy one. Unacceptable says I!

So, Fluffy Friday will just be a list of mostly random stuff that I came across in various places. A quick highlight of wtf moments that didn’t really need to be added to a full blog post.

Let’s start of with the Carp about Karma I came across this week.

  • Karma results from the intent of our actions. Rule of 3=the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother,Crone3 times the power, our soul, spirit, body.
  • Karma is like your own personal hit man. If somebody wrongs you, it will hunt them down and make sure they get what they deserve.

Interesting Spam and Advertisements

  • Magick Power : How to Quickly and Easily develop the ability to wield total control, influence and power over everything in your life without having to study & Practice any occult system for years, nor perform any ritual & worship any entity!  (lmfao, $997 but if you act now, you can learn this for $199)
  • Add for Wicca Shoes On Twitter. Sorry don’t have a link for you, but I did giggle and joke about it for most of the day yesterday

Sorta Fluffy But it’s for Kids

  • Iseum of BunniHo Tep  Somewhat pagan-esque stories for children, ok cool. Turning a Bunny into a lost Kemetic Goddess, not as cool. Why not just teach the short people about the actual mythology?

Random Nonsense Twitter

  • Wicca Spirituality  Sometimes I remember so clearly another planet/plane of existence, & how insane this world seems in comparison: What do you mean, I can’t telepathically communicate but have to use faulty word/body signals? I have to EAT to survive?– that turns mere existence into struggle and violence! How can any planet function like this??

That’s it for me today. More to come next week, hope everyone has a great weekend.

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