Games and Mirrors

Things seem to be picking up on our group, though as the activity increases the fluff are coming out of the woodwork. Maybe it’s because the group is new and they don’t remember that we have some active people who are very Anti Fluff. Whatever the case may be, I woke up to quite an interesting/off the wall post.


MC: OK I used to play this game for fun at first, with my ex when we were dating in high school, but when I think back on it, there were warning signs that we should have never been together. The game is to sit with the person you are in love with face to face with your legs crossed and place hands together,close your eyes, clear your minds and concentrate on each other. A door should appear in each of your minds, if the door is open then you belong together, but if it is closed then you do not. Try it….

MC:  the door represent your heart, the feelings you have for each other. If the door is open you are letting them in and your feelings are real, but if the door is closed, you are not being open and you are hiding your real feelings..

MC:  Yes that is what I meant, by the lovers holding hands, their energies are connected and then when you are centered mentally, the door appears to show you if they are being open and honest with their feelings.. Back then in high school we started out just using each other, so the doors for both of us were closed, but then I screwed up by ignoring it and I fell in love with him, and I was the only one that got hurt emotionally and was left to raise a child on my own…


Now, I’m sorry. I think this sounds more like a game that teenagers experiencing puppy love will be more prone to do. Especially when you take into consideration that she’s actually already mentioned that this is when she and her boyfriend started ‘playing’ this ‘game.’

What I find hard to believe, is that ‘MC’ is now a grown up, suggesting that others in the group who are also grownups should actually go and play this game. Because, we all know that grownups have all the time in the world to play games, especially ones that deal with their personal love lives. Yeah… uh huh..


Now, this discussion ends up fizzling of it’s own accord. Most people in the group have decided that ‘MC’ is a bit daffy, though the majority of them are too nice to really point that out.


Now,  let’s FF (Fast Forward) to this evening, when Daffy Dingleberry ‘MC’ decided to post yet another off the wall topic, and show everyone just how nutty she really is.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a chance to copy and paste the details to this particular topic.

‘MC’ posts a discussion about mirrors, wanting to know if anyone else has encountered anything scary or off the wall that had to do with mirrors. You see, ‘MC’ feels that she saw an entity in a mirror when she woke up in the middle of the night. The entity smiles at her, she screams and leaps from the bed, and the entity vanishes.

When others in the group suggest overactive imagination, the possibility of too much influence from the media and movies, etc. ‘MC’ decides to inform us that not only is she SURE that she did not imagine the entity, but that she’s certain that the entity was in fact a succubus.

I’m not going to debate on the subject on if I think that succubi/incubi are real right now, only mention that another member actually explained to her the difference b/t succubi/incubi and that she doubted that was what ‘MC’ had actually seen in the mirror, given the information on succubi.

Now, you would think that this wild ride that we’ve been taking without the company of Mr Toad would be over by now, nope sorry. See every time it seems like people are becoming disinterested or wandering away from the conversation, good ‘ol ‘MC’ comes back to share a little more information. See, someone made the mistake of jokingly suggesting that they’d hoped she’d gotten rid of the mirror, hoping that she hadn’t broken it in the process.

No, now we find out that she’d broken another mirror at the age of 7 and because of breaking that mirror, she’d been cursed for 14 years. A curse so terrible that the unspeakable happened. Her fish died, her sisters hamster died, the cat died, her sister had been abusive, she’d almost been molested when she was 10 and she’d married a man who was physically abusive to her. (All because she broke a mirror when she was 7.)

Fish and Hamsters are considered to be disposable pets. They typically don’t last long. Cat’s live up to 14 years, (we don’t know how old the cat was when the mirror was broken.) Siblings are commonly abusive to one another. I can go get mine and she’ll tell you how she used to torture me. Near abuse at 10, while scary is certainly not something that is uncommon. It’s a shame, but it’s also the truth, and if I did the math right, getting married at around age 21 generally means that you were more than likely too young to be married, and again abusive relationships are also not that uncommon.

When members of the group tried to present her with facts, etc. Even agree and say, yeah, you’ve had some fucked up shit happen to you, but we don’t think it’s because you broke a mirror, MC huffed, and she puffed and she blew all her responses down. MC deleted the ENTIRE thread, took her ball and went home. Why?

I think because being able to BLAME everything that had been the least bit traumatic in her life on a broken mirror is more comforting than accepting that SHIT Happens, to EVERYONE. Yeah shit sucks, but it happens. I’m kinda sorry to see this one go, yeah she was nuts and yeah she was a fluff, but she needed some reality. I hope that somewhere along the way, someone is going to realize that, and take her by the hand, and drag her over to mental health.


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