My Karma got my Dogma run over

Oh, the Carp about Karma that pops up on a daily basis is enough to make you want to vomit. Some of it is so preposterous and off the wall that you sit and stare at the screen blankly, trying to wrap you head around the sheer stupidity of the statement. Karma is not some unforeseen cosmic source of retribution, when will people stop blaming everything that goes wrong in their lives on Karma?

Now, I ran across this in a group.


Random Pagan: “well karma has got me for hitting the squirrel. my dog mia got run over this afternoon.”


Thankfully I was able to turn in the other direction and run before I pointed and laughed, because the universe doesn’t need more proof of how much of a bitch I actually am.

Now, here’s something that happened in my group the other day. A group member posted this question:

“would like to know your thoughts on the rules of three law or lore???”

Of course we had quite a few responses to the topic, here’s where Karma comes in, cause you know that Bitch just couldn’t stand to miss the party.


DT:  I understand what your question was…you wanted to know if the three-fold law was fact or fiction. I have been a practicing Pagan for many years and I do not believe that I would call it a law. I have seen Karma at its best and at its worst. I believe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Call it Karma or call it Fate…by what ever name you call it, believe me when I say, what ever you do…good or bad…will get back to you in some fashion.


Now, the ick ants are literally crawling all over my skin, this isn’t the only topic that Karma has been pulled into, I’m feeling rather bitch-tastic so, I finally blow up just a bit in thread.


Lala: Take Personal Responsibility and quit blaming shit on the Rule of Three and Karma.


DT:  ‎@Lala That is kind of what I was trying to say. No matter what you do in life, not just in magick, it will come back to you. I wasn’t actually blaming anything. I was simply saying that whatever you call something it will not change the fact that what goes around comes around.

WTF? I think I’m seeing red at this point. Is she implying that she just said what I did? Is she being condescending in tone to me because I didn’t shut up and take notice of her little mini, I’ve seen it all in paganism statement? Not sure, I think it’s the blatant misrepresentation of what her words were inferring.


Lala:  No, obviously you weren’t saying what I said.

Lala: Take Responsibility for your own actions. Also, As BB said, Shit happens. Shit has always happened and Will Always happen, has ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY NOTHING to do with the Rule of Three, Karma or what goes around comes around


Now it seems I’ve broken the chew toy, because she runs screaming from the discussion, deleting her topics as she goes, and then leaves the group. I can only imagine that it was the sight of the brain matter that had landed on her when my brain so unceremoniously exploded in that thread.

I’m sorry, I’ll call Carp Carp, and don’t fucking tell me that what you said was exactly what I just said, that doesn’t work very well over on mystics, also, pull your head out of your ass.


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