They’re Taking Fluffy Back!

Looks like we’re going to see a new trend popping up, Looks like there is a movement among the fluffier side of the pagan community, and what they want to do… well, hilariously enough, they want to ‘Reclaim’ Fluffy. They’re the Proud, The Brave, The Fluffy. No longer do they want to avoid the name, or do something to change the willfull ignorance, they want to embrace the term, and revel in it. Ok, really they’ve always wanted to revel in it, I just had some hope that they’d learn, one fluff at a time that it’s not ok to stay fluffy.. Oh well… More people to make fun of for me.

Random Fluff: Fluffy Bunny – I tried to reclaim the term. After being attacked by some really negative people. People who denigrated The Rede and one individual who stated he enjoyed killing and that you should “relish the death of some one you wish ill.”

If he thinks I’m a Fluffy Bunny? Then I am proud to be one in his eyes. However as a whole the Wicca and Pagan community will not use the term in any positive light.

Flufftastic Responses to the Movement:

  • Okay this is new to me… Maybe this is what we referred to back in the 90s as cyber witches… That was a negative term as well… I’ve come along way since those days and have actually enjoyed the people I’ve met online (mostly), if I’m mistaken please inform me if not.. Tell these that belittle you to piss off!
  • People who say they “enjoy killing” are full of crap J 🙂  Been there, done it… Don’t wish to go there again.   Just ignore them, they aren’t worth the time you give them.
  •  I think Cyber witches could be a similar put down. But dang. The huge community on fb alone!?! How can that be a bad thing? I did finally break ties with them completely, M. It’s been months since anyone mentioned their character assassinations to me. I know I’m a lot happier. A recent communication about another group indicates they are still miserable despite this bunny hopping down the road.
  •  HAIL ALL FLUFFY BUNNIES….WE ARE UNITED….LOL had to say that. ANYHOW, you did the right thing and they will drown in their own bile. (Hopefully slowly and painfully)…did I say that aloud? LOL
  •  Well this ex-soldier is more “fluffy” than he used to be now, and i’m happy i am too. Send them to call me it to my face and see the response 😛
  • I can still manage a damn good beating if need be. My Gods allow for it. lol
  • So it is the same… Then I guess I’m a 5’11” 260 lbs Colorado Bunny… Every damn day I’m something new…. Think I’ll give the Christians another go…. Exorcism Demon Bunnyman, has a cool ring…
  •  Well I wouldnt term myself a fluffy bunny, but then Id never call anyone else one either, how rude! Dont take on board their statements they simply come from a place of ignorance…..
  •  I’ve heard different definitions of “fluffy bunny”. One definition was someone who is very “new agey” and “hippie-like”. If that’s the true meaning then I’m guilty as charged. Another definition I’ve heard was if someone believes that they can levitate or make fire come out of their hands or something off the wall….well, I guess I’m kind of guilty of that too because I’ve always believed that ANYTHING is possible. I mean I’ve never seen anything like that, nor tried, but….hey….if you have and seen results, good on ya! Then I’ve heard another definition that if you are submissive to those who over power you, then you’re a fluffy bunny. I sure as hell am not submissive. So, I guess 2 out of three of these definitions suggests that I’m a fluffy bunny!    NAMASTE MY FELLOW FLUFFY BUNNIES!· 60,953 people like this

I find the fact that 60,953 people like that statement to be confusing, horrifying and the slightest bit odd, mostly because there are only 112 people in this group.

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