Four Legs are Better Than Two

‘The Mutual Adoration Society’ is a made up name for a group that I will occasionally wander through. Now I have to make up a name for this place because if I told you all where it was that I was wandering, you might decide to go take a look, and it would be wrong of me to tell you to go troll.

Today a member of ‘The Mutual Adoration Society’ asked other member if they had any advice on pursuing the Wiccan Path. It seems that she has a few friends who self identify as Wiccans, and being a relatively new pagan, she was hoping to get some guidance and references.  Lets just say, that ‘The Mutual Adoration Society’ is not a place that we really WANT new pagans hanging out, but, it’s a place where they are welcomed with open arms.

You see, any time someone posts something of substance, with references well thought out arguments, etc they are run out of the group. Substance hurts the if it feels good do it approach that the groups moderation chooses to utilize. I’ve seen more people get banned this week for making sense than I’d care to remember, however I’m sticking around because they sure do provide some flufftastic entertainment.

Back to the story at hand. The group member posts a discussion thread, a few people respond by saying ‘good luck’ ‘I don’t know much about it’ etc. Mostly not helpful responses, but no one has out right said anything to dissuade her or change her mind, that is uncle that guy showed up. I’m going to refer to him as Orwell, I think you’ll figure out why.


Orwell: From what I’ve seen and read, Wiccans are a lot like Christians, but emphasizing women over men. They “claim” that the God and Goddess are equal, but they’re practices and beliefs say otherwise. If you’ve ever read the book “Animal Farm”, you’ll see that it’s the same concept with the Wiccans. Personally, I highly suggest against becoming a Wiccan. As an eclectic, you chose what you know in your heart is right. Most Wiccan paths have sets of rules that you have to follow. Religion should be something that you follow your own rules that you know are right.


Should be pretty easy to figure out that ‘Orwell’ isn’t a real big fan of rules. A few people point out that they disagree, pretty standard fare about the Three Fold Law, etc. I don’t think I need to post them, you’re all pretty familiar with them.


Orwell: Honestly H, you should look at all religions and not just Wicca. There are most likely elements of other religions that appeal to you. Bhuddism has a lot of good concepts that I recommend looking into. Also, try and look into religions that you normally wouldn’t such as Shinto, Hindu, Santeria, Voodoun (yes, voodoo has it’s own belief systems), and you really should look into shamanism. It’s another nature-based religion, but goes deeper into the spiritual side and natural side and less on spell-casting if that’s what you’re looking for.


~Shaking head at this point.~  Ya know, because NONE of the paths that he’s listed come with any rules at all. Do I even have to point out the obvious? Let alone the fact that “Orwell” obviously isn’t a fan of Christianity, yet he’s recommending that she look into Vodou?


Anyway, I’m a bitch by nature. After following along up to this point, I think Orwell is a fucktard, at the same time I’m doubting that he’s even read animal farm. It’s not a big that everyone is a fan of, and unless forced to read it in highschool, most people don’t pick it up for pleasure.  (I LOVED ANIMAL FARM. But we know I’m weird.)

Time for GOOGLE SEARCH! So, I throw ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Wicca’ into the search engine, and what should I find?


The New Wicca 

Catching Up To The New Reality

Which brings us back to the New Wicca. The New Wicca – Wicca spirituality – is evolving from the old Wicca – Wicca the religion
Wicca started out in the mid 20th century as a religion, albeit one closer to spirituality than the organised religions of the time.

All initiated members were priest/esses, but there were those who ranked higher: the High Priest/ess. (Like Orwell’s Animal Farm: everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.)

In the old Wicca religion, there were rules and liturgies, scripts that must be followed, props that had to be used in prescribed ways.

And certainly not all of the Wiccan religion came from a highly calibrating level, but from the personal idiosyncrasies of its founder.

But despite all this, Wicca was meant to foster a personal experience of the Divine.


Pretty sure at this point I’m right, ‘Orwell’ hasn’t read the book and I believe that he’s looking at some pretty off the wall sources to base his theories on, but follow the link. Check it out and make your own decision, I think it’s CARP but that’s my opinion,  your opinion might be different.

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