The Evils of Nekkidness

I get added to a great deal of pagan groups over on FB. Sometimes they look at least a little bit interesting, so I’ll look through the group to see if there is anything of interest taking place in them. I found this in one of those groups. One of the group members asked a question about Pagan Groups that were in her area and if any of them practiced Skyclad.

Random Group Member: I was wondering if there are any covens that practice skyclad? I would love to be invited.

Now I realize that skyclad isn’t something for everyone. I’m not someone who wants to go participate in a group of nekkid people, but that’s me. I’m still ok with other’s practicing that way if that’s how they want to do it. But, that’s not the group consensus. Most of the group had a very negative opinion on those who choose to practice skyclad.

Not Nekkid Nelly: it’s an invention of the assholes in medieval times to say that witches(Wicce-Wise Women/Men-Healers got naked and nasty when they met….Made alot of meat for the wheel and the fires though, huh? :((

It ‘s that being a naked, dancing crazily nut was made up by prissy- assed old men with no way to get an erection other than to torture and lie about local wise folk.

So, apparently there is no validity to practicing skyclad ritual. It’s just a practice made up by old men who couldn’t get it up any other way. Interesting. They make pills and other things for that now.

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