You’re shittin’ me right?

I think I’ve said it before, even so, I’ll take the opportunity to say it again. Fluff say the darndest things. Occasionally you’ll wander across something so seriously out of whack that you just sit there, staring blankly at the screen, trying to figure out just what in the hell people are talking about, or, what exactly is that person smoking? 

This is a topic that I happened to wander past in one of the groups that I sometimes respond in. No, I’m not telling you where to go find it, these are my fluff, find your own to harass!


Random Question in Random Pagan Flavored Group:

Have a question: How many elememts do u recognise? Was chatting with someone that ‘worked’ with 10 (if Im not wrong) main ones and many many more ‘sub-elements’… It was very confusing…

(Clearly, even fluff start to smell carp when the number of elements goes high enough, unfortunately, their peers help them along and make them all the more confused.)

Sabrina the Teenaged  Fluff:  The wind is my familiar, but I can use flame on occasion tho no as well, the others, well…earth is my given element. I am grounded in it, no pun intended


Yeah… I have to admit, I’m kinda twitching right now, but wait… there’s more!


Sabrina the Teenaged Fluff:  in my experience, they do my bidding cause they want to, nothing I say can make a great deal of difference to them, unless it’s a threat



Clearly, Sabrina is one some damned good recreational drugs. For starters, The Wind is her Fucking Familiar! Fuck having a cat or a dog or even an owl, Harry Potter’s character’s ain’t got nothing on her. She’s got THE WIND! Oh, to be able to wield that much power… I’m jealous! But, here’s where I even get more tickled…. They do her bidding because they want to, and if they don’t.. She can THREATEN THEM!



I’m seriously trying to wrap my head around the concept of this one. What would you threaten the wind with? OH, I’ve got it!
“Wind, if you don’t do my bidding, and I mean RIGHT NOW, I’m going to rip a hellacious fart! You KNOW you don’t want to deal with that!”

Some people…..  The more I try to wrap my head around this whole thing, I have to admit, the more confused I become. In fact, I think spending too much time on this might actually cause one’s head to implode! Back away slowly, don’t run, the wind will tell her that you did….


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