How many times do I have to ban you?

Not sure how many of you out there are running your own websites, or even acting as moderators for groups, but if you do, I’m sure you know that occasionally you have to ban someone. No, it’s not always fun, but you try to keep the balance and occasionally someone just breaks too many of the rules, and they need to be shown to the door.
What follows in the message from an Ex-Member of a site that I am the co-creator. I suppose I should also add, he’s been banned on multiple times, and from various accounts, but he keeps coming back.

Hi I was wondering if I could come back as a member ‘the real me’ I’m J. Assclown Fucktard-Onassis you banned me a few years ago. The login email I used was Wanted to say sorry for what made you ban me. I had a lot of fun here with everything. Anyway hope You, The Druid, and the kids are doing great.

Love and Light, The Assclown

(Yeah, we had to change the idiots personal information)

Now, I’ll share the response that was sent to him.

First off, I wanted to inform you of the fact that I am sending a copy of this dialog to one of the other admins as well so that there is no way that what I am saying can be misconstrued, or twisted in anyway, shape, or form.I have to say, that I am flabbergasted as to why, you would message myself, or any other member of the administration team, to inform us of your being a member here.

Not only that, but, you have been banned from this site, on more than one occasion. To ask for a second chance is one thing. To ask for a 5th, or 6th, not only unreasonable, but also very, very stupid.

If you wanted to continue to be a member here, even under a false identity, you should have kept your mouth shut, and not called attention to yourself.

Your apology is not one that I care to accept.

As for your membership here, it ends now.

I hope you find a community that is more suitable to your tastes and liking. We’ve had enough of you and your lying here.

Now, it still doesn’t really make sense to me. If you were banned, multiple times from a site, and managed to creep back in, if you really like it there… WHY CALL ATTENTION TO YOURSELF?

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