Trolling the chat rooms

A few months ago we were thinking about installing a chat room on the site. We’ve used chat-n-go for years, but it was causing people’s browsers to crash, so it had to be taken off the site. Blackbird, one of our site members was helping me check out a few options. What follows is the chat that took place in the chat room.

You are now talking on #web

LadyAnastasia:  doom doom doom doom doom
BlackBird_510: hey there
LadyAnastasia: hi hi
BlackBird_510: see, this is a really old platform…even around when AOL chats were…
BlackBird_510: a friend of mine used to go to the IRC groups, but…
BlackBird_510: as you can see, lots of people “on”, but no one’s on…
BlackBird_510:not sure how you place it in a page like this
LadyAnastasia: lol
LadyAnastasia: this doesnt’ look like a bad chat type thingy
BlackBird_510: no, it’s pretty simply
BlackBird_510: *simple

Enter random guy that we didn’t know was in the room.

raneman: Hello
LadyAnastasia: hi hi
raneman: whats the subject?
raneman: no talkers i see

Noticing the handle he was using, I couldn’t stop myself from being a lil bit of a smartass.

LadyAnastasia: KMart
raneman: ok
raneman: what about that store
raneman: walmart is much better i think
BlackBird_510: ha ha…
BlackBird_510: kmart is a character on the new resident evil
LadyAnastasia: I get my boxer shorts at Kmart in cincinatti
BlackBird_510: which I finally watched yesterday after it sitting on my dvd player for a month
raneman: ok so iam a dummy
BlackBird_510: no, we’re actually just checking out the chat…
BlackBird_510: and noticed no one talking
raneman: ok cool
BlackBird_510: you a witch, rane?
raneman: boo

Feeling kinda bad, I explain the KMart thing. Also, wasn’t sure at this point if BB had caught on to what I was talking about.

LadyAnastasia: lmfao… Oko… Rane man sounds a lot like Rain Man
raneman: sssshhhhhhhhhhh
LadyAnastasia: big part of the movie is about going to Kmart
BlackBird_510: that’s true
raneman: hidesd from the casinos
raneman: true
raneman: he always shop at lmart
raneman: boxers
LadyAnastasia: exactly
raneman: so we all saw the movie
LadyAnastasia: lol… I’m sorry, I couldnt’ resist making the Kmart comment
raneman: lots of queens
raneman: that was a good one
raneman: as to your other question
raneman: i did meet a nice person in here once
raneman: ask about wicca
LadyAnastasia: are these chats embeddable BB?

See, I’m still more interested in the Chat Room than in talking to a random stranger.
raneman: think his name was c j or j c
raneman: dont remember
BlackBird_510: i have no idea…wasn’t back in the day, but not I couldn’t tell you
BlackBird_510: looks like it though
raneman: but he was open n gonest
BlackBird_510: I found this same chat listed on another page
BlackBird_510: what would you like to ask about wicca rane?
raneman i never thought about it to tell truth
hugs is now known as Hugs_232 (New person in the room who’s going to lurk)

BlackBird_510: oh…lol…what that the person’t name?
BlackBird_510: *was that…
raneman> i think c. j.
raneman> or j. c.
raneman> dont remember
BlackBird_510: but his “handle” was “ask about wicca?”
BlackBird_510: screenname
BlackBird_510: wow, I just went retro with handle
raneman> i dont remember
BlackBird_510: *feels old*
raneman: but
raneman: it was a womans name
raneman: tyhat threw me
BlackBird_510: so what brings you to a witch room?
BlackBird_510: (this is a witch room right?)
BlackBird_510: *looks around confused*
LadyAnastasia: lmao
raneman: i just sign on to palchat brought me to this room
BlackBird_510: weird
raneman: yep
raneman: oooooo well
raneman: so are u a witch?
BlackBird_510: you could say that
raneman: k
BlackBird_510: I practice it every now and then…
raneman: so u r a man or woman witch??
BlackBird_510: I have tatas
LadyAnastasia: lol….
raneman: ok i think i understand lol
raneman: how about u lady?
BlackBird_510: you know, “save the tatas?”
raneman: u into this?
LadyAnastasia: Am I into what? Am I a witch? No, I wouldnt’ consider myself one, however I am a practicing pagan
BlackBird_510: *stares at lala*
raneman: remember some tatas are bigger then others lol
BlackBird_510: true…
LadyAnastasia: oh… are we going to talk about tata’s now?
BlackBird_510: lol…
raneman: i go into a room come to wicca room
raneman: wow
LadyAnastasia: lol
LadyAnastasia: I guess Pagan =wiccan equal the same thing
raneman: blushes n covers up
BlackBird_510: well, wiccans are pagans…
BlackBird_510: but to be cliche – not all pagans are wiccans
raneman: i must addmitt i know nothing about either
BlackBird_510: and not all witches are wiccan
raneman: ok
BlackBird_510: but someone would argue all wiccans are not witches
raneman: got that part
BlackBird_510: but they would be wrong 🙂

shadow is now known as Shadow_93

LadyAnastasia: lol
raneman: so now iam more confused then when we started lol
BlackBird_510: ha ha…wiccans practice witchcraft, but they are not the only ones
raneman: best part was the tatas
Blackbird_510: wiccans are one religion that utilizes it
LadyAnastasia: lmao
BlackBird_510: and wiccan is one religion under the pagan umbrella
raneman: lady am i correct?
BlackBird_510: *wicca is
LadyAnastasia: it’s a big umbrella
raneman: ok
raneman: but its not raining lol
BlackBird_510: it was earlier
BlackBird_510: odd for arizona
raneman: snowing here now
LadyAnastasia: it was sunny today
raneman: east coast here
BlackBird_510: it’s always sunny here
Shadow_93: where is everyone from?
BlackBird_510: people rejoice for the rain here 🙂
raneman: usa new jersey
Shadow_93: im from las vegas
BlackBird_510: wow – reverts back to the old days
BlackBird_510: and I like long walks on the beach
BlackBird_510: and single red roses
BlackBird_510: *rawr*
raneman: so blackbird were do u stand on border issues
raneman: so do i
BlackBird_510: as in the bookstore or mexico?
raneman: i go to shore a lot
raneman: have a 22 ft boat
raneman: a donzi

lol, it’s cute I think he was trying to impress us with his boat ownership.
LadyAnastasia: I don’t really care for the store
raneman: in mexico
LadyAnastasia: they usually don’t have what I want
BlackBird_510: i was a vulture today at one…it’s closing 🙂
LadyAnastasia: oh?
raneman: good buys then
BlackBird_510: yup, a bunch are closing
BlackBird_510: right now they are only 20 to 40 off, but in a few days should go up
BlackBird_510: the new age section was ransacked
raneman: they do same around here
BlackBird_510: you would think all pagans are broke ot something
BlackBird_510: *or
raneman: up to 80 90 percent off
LadyAnastasia: lol
raneman: just say give me money
raneman: poof it appears
raneman: well dont think i will find any one to party with in here but you are very nice
BlackBird_510: thanks…guessing by party you mean cyber?
raneman: depends
BlackBird_510: I thought that died out in the 90s
raneman: clean chat
raneman: phone
BlackBird_510: wow…
BlackBird_510: well, have fun with that
raneman: see if if two people have same things in common
raneman: see where it leads
BlackBird_510: my husband and I already have the down 🙂
BlackBird_510: *that
raneman: ok
raneman: wasnt hitting on you

(Yeah he was.)

LadyAnastasia: lol
raneman: i respect all
BlackBird_510: i didn’t think you were
BlackBird_510: just saying…
raneman: i understand
raneman: but as 4 lady lmao

Oh Great, now he’s hitting on me.
BlackBird_510: lady has a druid of her own 🙂
raneman: poof
raneman: oo well
LadyAnastasia: yep
raneman: u 2 seem very nice
raneman: hope u find that room
LadyAnastasia: thank you
BlackBird_510: you haven’t talked to us long enough than 😉
raneman: mayb i will join in
raneman: never know ladies
raneman: no blackbird
raneman: iam a good judge of people
raneman: honest is only way to go
BlackBird_510: thanks
raneman: so i say live n enjoy life
BlackBird_510: you too
raneman: and i belive iam older then either of you ladies
raneman: ty both 4 teaching me a little about that subject
BlackBird_510: hmmmm…dunno about that…but maybe

The chat doesn’t go on for much longer after that. I’d spent the whole time laughing so hard that there were tears in my eyes by this point. Raneman eventually wandered off, and Blackbird and I found another chat to look at. It wasn’t so much a story about the insanity of fluff, more about the randomness that is so random when you meet stranger in chat. Well…. that and the fact that if you talk to them for longer than 5 minutes, they’re trying to figure out a way to molester you over the computer.

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