Instant Messages I should have hidden from.

You know, I’m all for the meeting new people or promoting the site on FB. There are so many who practice friend collecting, why not do it for the Community. What I don’t understand is the people who don’t really know you, clearly they are collecting as many pagans as they can as well, and they’ll randomly IM you to chat, for no other reason than they’re bored.

Some of the most off the wall, bizaar conversations are started by the random friend of a page, who has a question, wants a teacher, or they want to beg for spells. ETc. Here’s a not too old off the wall IM

anon: hey pagan do you know any attack speels?

PM: have we been watching far too much ‘Charmed’ on TV?

anon: really noi just know there are attack spelllike you know how when people get to close it attacks the

presenceis there really a show called charmed>?

PM: Yes, there really is

anon: so do you know any spells like thatwhere if you try to touch a specific item on me you will get a shock

PM: I think, perhaps you’re a bit confused, and you want to know about protection spells, and shielding

anon: well whatever i need i want spells pleaseyour the best source i have

PM: what path are you on?

anon: what do you meanwhy do i want to learn thisbecasue i got stupid people who are trying to mess with me\

PM: lmao, go get some books, figure out what flavor you are, do some research, and then come back and ask politely, right now you’re expecting to be given all the answers, something I won’t do and I doubt any other serious practitioners will either.

anon: please you sound like a person of reason i dont want to die of a freaking demon that someone lost control of its getting annotingplus there after my friends who dont have any protection at all

PM: take link, go join and ask in the forum, I’ll see what we can do to help

anon: thanks this is the best hing anyone has done for me in a long time i owe you

PM: no problem, go join and post about what’s happening, and we’ll see what we come up with

Well, it turns out we couldn’t do much of anything to help ‘anon’ over on the site either. Some people, just really are too wrapped up in the Hollyweird version of things. Makes me wonder if every single person who sends an unexpected IM is going to be just as much of a moron, but…. We keep trying.

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