Mercenary Mage For Hire!

Movie voice over voice, In a world where rogue wizards, gnomes and dragons rule all, lowly villages turn to…. (dun dun dun….) The Mercenary Mage!!!!

This was found on Twitter.

RandomTwit: #amagi Occultists! Market anarchists! Lend me your ears! Seeking to escape wage slavery and BS and use my skill set to make money, I am considering opening a business as a professional Mage Errant, with all the usual duties in addition to a sort of shamanic thing. In other words, I will take my wisdom (such as it is or may be – I think I have a unique perspective, at least…) and creative problem-solving and be an advisor to any village or entity willing to pay me a suitable fee. Way I see it…it’s no different than charging for musical skill, should I have that capability. But does it sound like it might make money? And could the occult types recommend steps to take as far as starting up goes?

Does anyone want to point out just what’s wrong with this post? I’m not sure where to start to be perfectly honest, though I’m itching to see if the Twit actually does manage to find a village that is in need of his ‘special skill set’

All together now, THIS IS CARP!

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